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Sony Zeiss E 24 f/ 1.8 vs. Sony Vario-Tessar 16-70 f/ 4

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Wow, Linda, my a6000 is getting on just fine. It is a bit prone to noise, but that's easily taken care of in LR. Plenty of detail in the 24mp.


Edo, my visceral reaction is that the NEX-6 (which I also have) is a sweet, well-integrated image maker, and the a6000 is a photo machine. But I like them both and the a6000 has the megapixels.


More specifically, the EVF on the a6000 is supposed to be not as good as that on the NEX-6, but I'm not the guy to evaluate that, since I use cameras with my glasses on, and a viewfinder is just an aiming device for me.


The NEX-6 also has the electronic level feature for the viewfinder, and the a6000 does not. I've used the level in the NEX-6, but it mainly verified for me that my composition is pretty much dead level (I've always used a grid overlay), except for weird-angle shots where you might not actually want true level anyway.


I rarely shoot in continuous mode, but when I do, it's hard to beat 11 fps.

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Holy kats, Linda -- what a horror story! Maybe Sony sent the soggy stuff from the Thailand floods to the Chicago market? 


I still have a NEX-3, 6 and 7, mostly using the 6 or my RX10, when I feel zoomy. I want to sell the 7, because it's just not user-friendly . . . but the picture quality is fine (and 24.3mp). Unfortunately, I don't think I can get anything for it now; the a6000 is half the price of what I had to pay for the 7 new, a real bargain . . . assuming it doesn't fall apart in my hands.  


Thanks, Bill

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