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Photo shoots bad for environment?


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16 hours ago, Sally R said:

I think photography can communicate by how it makes people feel. This is different to just reading about something. I guess the most amazing photos communicate and tell a story.

Yes, you're absolutely right, that Matthew Abbott image has great power to inform and will be spread far and wide through Social Media. I've seen another of an emaciated wild horse stumbling into a burnt out forest which I can hardly bear to look at. Sir David Attenborough's Blue Planet filming had an enormous effect in alerting us to the plastic pollution in the ocean. He has another film coming out shortly and it is very difficult for the sceptics to dismiss him as a left-leaning snowflake. Real change won't take place until the mysterious financial investors  and speculators feel that climate damaging investments are too risky for them but that can be led by public opinion and photography and film has a big part to play in that.

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