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I've been using a wooden kitchen chair with a flat seat topped with two thin cushions.  Nothing to lean back into all that much, straight back, too, and built by a carpenter, not a chair maker.  Haven't had any back problems in the ten years here.   I have had sciatica in the past. 

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4 hours ago, Ed Rooney said:

FYI, Wim. I had an Aeron at my office at People mag. It was not as good as the bungee for my back. And arms are a no-no. They cause you to slouch. For that price, I can have someone fly a chair over from The Container Store in NYC. 


Hemingway, Dickens, Churchill, and Virginia Woolf wrote standing up. Hmmm.


They must have missed the trend of typing while walking behind one's desk. 😂

(I had missed it too, because I thought this was a lockdown craze, but here is a 2012 video where vlogbrother and writer of YA books John Green sort of pokes fun at it.

- Eek he even talks about using hand sanitizers. He must be part of the Evil Covid Conspiracy!)


I prefer my Aerons with adjustable armrests, but they are easy to remove.

The funny thing with your bungee/bungie/Eurostyle/Euro Style/ItalModern/Laura Davidson/Wade Logan Tysen/Container Store chair is that the price has gone up a lot or isn't being shipped to the UK at all. It could just be Brexit paperworks and that everything is back to normal in a couple of weeks time.

The Containers Store says the chair is in their Sale and is available for delivery in the UK for a mere GBP87.86/ea. However additional shipping fees apply. And they do not say how high those fees are. Not even when I place one in my shopping cart.




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edit2: added one more link

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This back support is amazing! Run out today and get one. No, get two or three! Amazon has them here, but if you have to break into John Lewis—do it!




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