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CS6 Not enough RAM


I use CS6 for editing my images, bring them in via Bridge for the RAW edit, open in CS6, process and then save. I have always saved the Jpegs as progressive.

After a while off photo editing and a new more powerful PC running Windows 10 I am having issues with CS6 giving the error "Could not save as there is not enough memory (RAM). Try saving without optimisation or as a baseline JPEG."

I have googled this and tried the Regedit fix with Overridephysicalmemory and after closing and re-opening CS6 that works for a few saves and then reverts back to the problem.

I have also today had it tell me it could not use the brush tool as not enough memory.

I have tried altering changing the scratch disk to a larger internal drive although it will not let me change "Let Photoshop Use 3255 MB 100% as it says this is the maximum.


The PC is quite modern, has 64GB RAM and I can happily edit Video in DaVinci Resolve all day, so I assume its a Photoshop problem?

Does anybody have any suggestions that may help?


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1 hour ago, Steve Tucker said:

True, but you can use the free Adobe DNG converter and still able to work on the files of the future as DNG format in CS6

Yes, that's here for download here but I think you lose some camera specific features in the conversion. The DNG Digital Negative format was seen as a universal format for archiving  but I think it is not as popular as it might be and not necessarily taken up by institutions such as major libraries etc. Leica use it as standard of course. I'm going to play with it on some downloaded RAW files that I otherwise wouldn't be able to deal with.




Edit: In particular you lose access to specific Lens Correction profiles and also Camera Calibration profiles, indeed only Adobe Standard is available in the dropdown. There's probably more differences but I know I would miss those.

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3 minutes ago, Steve Tucker said:

You are correct, I have had a while away from processing, I was of course referring to the controls on Camera RaW and in fact I hardly use Bridge.

When I bought CS6 I got the education version which is heavily discounted and a very good deal and lasts forever (or at least until obsolescence).

When I started editing video I made the decision to go CC as I wanted Premiere Pro as well as PS and Lightroom and a few of the other programs were useful on occasion, this was also available on an education discount and so I went with the full CC suite.

I was a bit gutted then to find that after the 12 months I was to be put on full price, I could not justify £500+ per annum. So I decided to use DaVinci Resolve for video (a fantastic bit of software by the way if you are not familiar with it) and free as well, though I have now upgraded to the studio version, for which for £300 you get lifetime free upgrades and new versions as they come out.

I also re-installed CS6 which works just fine on Windows 10 (now I have 64 bit working thanks)

What really annoys me about Adobe CC is, once you stop paying you are kind of stuffed, I mean as long as Windows 10 exists I can use CS6 forever, now I know that it is not future proof but if I dont have the money for subscription, maybe unemployment, retirement or whatever I can still edit my photo's


So as far as I am concerned Adobe can go whistle for their CC until the days comes that I have no choice. :D


The Adobe Photography Plan is only £10 a month though and it is worth it if using it professionally or semi-professionally as it is a far superior product to LR6.14 and CS6. Improvements in speed alone aside from an array of new features (mainly in LR but also in PS) make it well worth the subscription I think. 


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Adobe Bridge can be downloaded here, you get the CC app as well so it takes awhile. As a file browser and for adding metadata I think it will work with all RAW files as there will be an embedded jpeg that it uses to display a thumbnail. Certainly does so for the Fuji Xpro-3 .RAF RAW files that I downloaded.



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A bit more on using the Adobe DNG converter in case anyone is interested. There are 3 relatively recent versions of DNG file:


v1.3 - June 2009

v1.4 - September 2012

v1.5 - May 2019


When you go to convert a folder of images, or a single image, you choose first the desired Camera RAW compatibility and these correspond to these different DNG formats, and earlier ones of course. There is a big jump for the last two latest options available - Camera RAW 7.1 or Camera RAW 11.2 corresponding to the long almost 7 year jump between DNG versions. I can't open Camera RAW 11.2 files in Lightroom 6 so have to go back to Camera RAW 7.1, which corresponds to CS6. 


I don't know what you lose by choosing an older Camera RAW compatibility. Another thing I don't understand is why I can apparently open Canon 6D MkII files in Lightroom 6.14 but I would need Camera RAW 9.12 to do the same in Photoshop, I thought Lightroom and Photoshop shared the same RAW converter version.



Well I suppose that Camera RAW 9.12 is concurrent with Lightroom 6.14, as it is with Lightroom Classic 2015.12.


It does offer 'Built-in' lens correction.


Converted 6 RAF RAW files from the XPro-3 using the latest 11.2 option. Two of the six files would import into Lightroom 6.14, surprising but clearly not much of a solution.



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30 minutes ago, dhmilton3 said:

I was getting the same issue and follow the steps form here ......


The issue was resolved way back. The OP was using a 32 bit version rather than 64 bit. Using the 64 bit version was the solution.

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