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Copying 1960s slides for archive/reportage.

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33 minutes ago, geogphotos said:

Just out of interest.


When the original is sold does your wife, or any of her friends, create any documentation to state that they retain copyright so that the buyer fully understands the situation and avoids any potential embarrassment in the future should they decide to reproduce the original themselves? 


Does this ever happen I wonder? I do understand that there is absolutely no obligation to do so.


The ones I know don't produce any documents, but they do sign the artwork somewhere to indicate they created it, and by implication, own the original copyright. Relatively easy with paintings and sculptures, but doesn't really work with 35mm transparencies and prints.



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As a rule artists do sign their work but don't make a declaration about copyright. I don't think even the Big commercial galleries point it out. If they all pointed their buyers towards the issue it would be good, but would you want to be the first to put your head above the parapet? It would be a good idea to add a clause about it on web sites. I think Jane has a close to 100% digital record of her works. I've helped her keep the files sizes down so her hard drive doesn't fill up. Perhaps a few of the tidlers have been overlooked.


 Strangely enough, the higher up the pecking you go, the less likely you are to assume  ownership of works of art includes copyright

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Interested to see this lot at Bonhams, 8 6x6 colour transparencies of Pink Floyd from 1970 by Michael Randolph, sold with copyright by 'Deed of Assignment':



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