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15 hours ago, LawrensonPhoto said:

PM is used to quickly view and cull your images (raw or jpg), apply IPTC data including name change and copying to a predefined location and send via FTP or other means in an instant. If you want you can drag the images over to LR, edit, and then send.

As an example this: {city}, {location}, {country}. {day} {iptcmonthname3}, {iptcyear4}. will give me 'Ashford, Kent, UK. 12 December, 2019 completely automatically to all files it's applied to, etc. Another example is my copyright: {credit} {year4} returns ©Paul Lawrenson 2019    etc, etc, etc

I can highly recommend photo mechanic.  It has increased by workflow speed by over 50%.  I spend a lot of time in Downing Street covering cabinet meetings.  I have a cabinet meeting template that gives location and date and caption The keyword field is pre populated (more on this later). I have a  (constantly changing) list of ministers set up so I just type /javid/ and I get Sajid Javid Chancellor of the Exchequer “  (correct spelling and job title ) Add this same /javid/ in the keyword field and sorted.  I go through my photos in PM giving them a star marking and only export to Lightroom those with a five star rating thus cutting down the Lightroom overhead.   


If, as is often the case, I am running with two or more stories I can select which photos to import with which template.  


I also set  up a basic template which populates all the IPTC fields so I just have to add title, caption and keywords.


Alamy has issued guidance for the title/caption for UK election photos.  I will set this up in a template before I go out later so I just have to add a few details.  PM is a real time saver and should increase title and caption accuracy and consistency.  

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On 12/12/2019 at 08:48, peter_m said:

Thanks for the comment. Actually my city (the oldest living city in Europe) was this year European capital of culture. That not help for sales ...



i wonder if that was a question of timing, as i am seeing many hits for Rijeka (next year's ECC) in last month or so....  

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On 12/12/2019 at 08:05, IanDavidson said:


I have one set up for /{day}/ which is useful for adding: th, st, nd and rd to the day, ie. 3rd, 4th, etc.

However if you want even more speed get ShutterSnitch and use your mobile, sending within seconds of shooting.

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forgot nd!

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