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Paris Tours cycle race - comments welcome

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Evening all


Did the Paris > Tours cycle race today. About half the images are in the news feed right now with more to add later this evening once I've eaten.


Unlike the Tour de France, I had accreditation for this one (thanks Alamy News!) which helped a lot.


Would welcome any comments on the images. 53 up so far with about another 50 to go.

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Back on it!


Breakfast was at 5AM. A pain au chocolat at around 830AM. Another at 2PM then dinner at whatever o'clock. Forgive me give for not being uploading everything straight away but at some point hunger and tiredness kicks in;)


The most important images were uploaded first.

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I know, I'm starting to see that real quick!


Still, every time is an experience. And when I did the Tour de France one of the comments came in (think from you) to say get down low on some shots. Was taken on board for this race. And yes, definitely adds more impact:)

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Hi Jools. If you are taking close-up mug shots of individual riders then you must caption the individuals. No good saying ‘A rider from...’


I know how difficult it sometimes is to identify them, particularly if you have no vest number. Only a few stars seem to have their name printed on the vest. There is usually a team list (with numbers) published on the web for each race. A bit of detective work should get you the names.

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Hi Jools


Some nice work, did you have an official pass and were you shooting from a motorcycle or have you just got lucky with your viewpoints?

I used to ride internationally as an amateur so love this sport, though not tried it as a photographer yet.


I agree with Malcolm, you need to name the riders, particularly when it is a portrait. As said there will be a start list with names and numbers , but if you need photo's then all teams should have a website like this http://www.teambelkin.com/team and this http://www.bmcracingteam.com/index.php?id=288 where you will be able to identify the riders.


Though admittedly sunglasses and helmets don't make it easy ;)

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Uh, Ed. What?


Jools, sorry. There's no reason you should understand Italian any more than I understand French. The word "piano" used as we English speakers know it is the name of the musical keyboard, originally named "pianoforte," which means soft and load (kind of). But piano also means "floor" (in a building) or "level." 


The phrase "piano piano" means slowly or step-by-step (level-by-level). Soooo I was suggesting to you that you keeping moving forward in your efforts. 


Yikes, language is complex. From here on I'll just say step-by-step.  :wacko:

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