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Ognyan Yosifov

October Challenge - Attention to the Reflection (Urban)

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There's some amazing entries here. Here's my three:

1. Royal Holloway College Founders Building reflected in windows of modern college building.




2. Duck's view of Pembroke town, Wales.




3. Woking town centre Pret A Manger.





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Great topic. I do like a nice reflection.


Taken last week and uploaded quickly for this challenge: General Staff Building, St Petersburg 



Gosford Estate Curling Lodge



Sunshine on Leith



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First attempt at joining.  Must say the works above are intimidating.  


H&W Crane in Belfast with amusement rides in puddle. (sadly a bit too windy)






Crowd and Photographer in cyclist sunglasses




People's silhouette in Greeting to the sun feature in Zadar




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Love this challenge topic, and have enjoyed viewing all the images so far.  Here are mine:


Winter trees reflecting on the Sunshine Coast, BC.






Kayaks on Galiano Island, BC.



And the holidays will be here before you know it!








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'Attention to the Reflection (Urban)' sounds scarily like real photography so I nearly ran away to my safe places but I've noticed plenty of varying interpretations so here's mine:








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