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October 2019 Favorite Uploads

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A couple more that I like from a recent trip to Montreal

Captured with my Sony a6000 and Sony lenses


Some fall color along the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River, Montreal, Quebec, Canada




The late Leonard Cohen looking down from his "Tower of Song"








Edited by John Mitchell
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Cow taking a peek outside 



Genetic code visualized on glass plates




Man posing on stairs inside Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau, Barcelona



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My favourite of my daughter's ice cream on holiday in Cornwall ~ she liked it so much she had two :D


Young woman holding a whipped Cornish ice cream cone just bought in an icecream shop in Mevagissey Cornwall Stock Photo

Edited by David Pimborough

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Boarding a plane at Heathrow:





A large boat appears from the mist in Lisbon:


Edited by Matt Ashmore
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I know, there isn't exactly a shortage of Wood Duck images here and elsewhere. However, I like this one, plus he was nice enough to pose for the camera (Sony a6000 with Sony 55-210).





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Excuse me for uploading late to this thread.




lake and sky reflection Stock Photo



Young girl posing for photo.


Young girl posing for photo by advertisement bike Cambridge 2019 Stock Photo



Couple at table in street on their mobile phones.


Man and woman sat at table with bottle and glasses having drinks Cambridge City 2019 Stock Photo



View through front window on bus.


View out of bus window along St Andrews street Cambridge 2019 Stock Photo



Grand arcade main thoughfare from 2nd floor.


Grand arcade main thoughfare Cambridge 2019 Stock Photo



Young man eating filled bread roll.


Young man eating filled bread roll in market hill Cambridge 2019 Stock Photo






Edited by Allan Bell

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