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Have you found any Alamy Photographs in October 2019

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10 hours ago, Matt Ashmore said:


It's worth remembering that not every image purchased will be used online. It is entirely possible that this image is just used in print form somewhere be that in a book, in a leaflet or just the print version of a newspaper article. And if this is the case, Google will not find it.


Really good point, thanks Matt

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USA, National Geographic History magazine, Nov/Dec 2019 issue


Pg. 5, Ashkelon, Israel, V. Dorosz


Canaanite fortifications Ashkelon National Park, Israel Stock Photo


Pg. 81, Mural depicting slaves, Ouidah, Benin, Michele Burgess


Chained slaves going to ship, mural on Door of No Return memorial, Ouidah, Benin Stock Photo


Pgs. 90-91, The Central Terrace of Teyuna, Colombia,  Rui Freitas (Alamy credit only)


View from the top of the terraces of the "Lost City" Stock Photo


Pg. 92, Stone stairway in Teyuna, Colombia, Panther Media GmbH (Alamy credit only)


Stone stairs in the jungle at Ciudad Perdida, the lost city of Colombia Stock Photo



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Guardian Online  

FBAJ8P Folio Images/Eija Huhtikorpi  Finland, Keski-Suomi, Jyvaskyla, Lake Vuohijarvi, Young man jumping off pier into lake
E640XF  imageBROKER/J.W.Alker  Aerial view, Koror, Palau, Micronesia


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Guardian Online    17/10/19

Joe Dunckley    Bristol, England - July 17, 2016: The cityscape of central and inner city Bristol, including office blocks, church towers and council estate tower blo - Image ID: JA27RY

Guardian Online    18/10/19

Marcus Davidson    UK, London : The National Crime Agency NCA headquarters are pictured in Central London on 7 October 2013. - Image ID: DFMN1M

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18/10/2019, Guardian, p9, Belfast port, DEJBAC, David Lyons
18/10/2019, Guardian, p16, Extinction Rebellion protest, 2A4YENB, Vladimir Morozov [via Live News]
18/10/2019, Guardian, p37, French Uighur community protest in 2014, DXMF6T, Directphoto Collection [Alamy credit only]


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Financial Times

17 OCT 2019


Berry Bros & Rudd wine merchants

Contributor: ilpo musto / Alamy Stock Photo 

Image ID: P9YW54



Switzerland, Maggiore Lake, Brissago Islands, Botanic Gardens and Villa

Contributor: Realy Easy Star / Toni Spagone / Alamy Stock Photo 

Image ID: F0RR9B



Queen Annes Gate, Westminster, SW3, London, England, UK

Contributor: Paul Carstairs / Alamy Stock Photo 

Image ID: AX3X06




Edited by Lisa
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Die Top-Ten der Silvester-Reiseziele in Europa
The Top Ten New Year's Eve Destinations in Europe


Old Town fireworks light effect Limmat river flow Switzerland Europe New Year's Eve New Year's Eve night
BX0CAD Mauritius Images (Christof Sonderegger) / Alamy RM

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USA, The Washington Post (print), Travel section, Oct 20th 2019 issue


Photos credited to Alamy only


Pg, F2, Hickman Natural Bridge, Utah, Tom Till


Hickman Natural Bridge, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah, Waterpocket Fold. Large natural span Stock Photo


Pg. F2, Kolob Canyon, Utah, Ian Dagnall


Tourists at an overlook in Kolob Canyons section of Zion National Park, Utah, USA Stock Photo


Pg. F2, Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo, Japan, Patrick Batchelder


Shibuya Crossing Tokyo Japan Hachiko Square Stock Photo

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19/10/2019 Daily Mail Weekend (print)

Fresh kelp salad in a bowl. EGDTRA Fudio

Apple trees, Malus Ballerina, growing in pots. CNR78A blickwinkel

Flowers of the Salvia, Hot Lips, close up. B8HXH7 Christopher Burrows

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Guardian Online  

R2GK9P  Iakov Filimonov  Roman Amphitheater (Arena) of Nimes
W9HRTX  JAUBERT French Collection  Tapestries in the gallery of Apocalypse, Angers castel, Maine et Loire department
WKGKG7   Sorin Rechitan / EyeEm  High Angle View Of Houses In Town By Lake


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19/10/2019, Guardian, p4, Caffè Greco in Rome, BJMMT4, Raimund Kutter/imageBROKER [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
19/10/2019, Guardian, p4, artists at Caffè Greco by Passini in 1856, DB7FD8, INTERFOTO [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
19/10/2019, Guardian, p27, Home Bargains shop, RWXTK8, Matthew Ashmore [No credit & RF - poss not new sale via Alamy]
19/10/2019, Guardian, p49, Neil Woodford, KG3K3C, Troika
19/10/2019, Guardian, p49, carved pumpkin, D83G75, Oleksiy Maksymenko Photography [No credit & RF - poss not new sale via Alamy]
19/10/2019, Guardian, p54, online feedback form, credited to Alamy but I can't find it
19/10/2019, Guardian [Travel section], p2, Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme in Wiesbaden, M8K92F, HTHphoto [Alamy credit only]
19/10/2019, Guardian [Travel section], p3, Biarritz, HNE8PE, MIKEL BILBAO GOROSTIAGA- TRAVELS [Alamy credit only]
19/10/2019, Guardian [Travel section], p4, Miremont pastry shop in Biarritz, DFG21H, Gonzalo Azumendi/age fotostock [Alamy credit only]
19/10/2019, Guardian [Travel section], p4, Nimes Roman amphitheatre, R2GK9P, akov Filimonov [Alamy credit only]
19/10/2019, Guardian [Travel section], p5, MAS museum in Antwerp, MHA7RD, Erik AJV [Alamy credit only]
19/10/2019, Guardian [Travel section], p9, Lausanne, WKGKG7, Sorin Rechitan/EyeEm [Alamy credit only]
19/10/2019, Guardian [Travel section], p13, Ljubljana, credit to Matej Kastelic/Alamy but I'm not sure for which photograph
19/10/2019, Guardian [Travel section], p14, art museum in Graz, GDH5GK, volkerpreusser
19/10/2019, Guardian [Magazine], p73, oak sapling, M49H2B, SCOTLAND: The Big Picture/Nature Picture Library [Alamy credit only]
19/10/2019, Guardian [Magazine], p79 [advert], Strangford Lough, CC8DN7, Gareth McCormack [Alamy credit only]
19/10/2019, Guardian [Magazine], p79 [advert], surfer on Strandhill beach, P83JGF, Michael Grubka [Alamy credit only]
19/10/2019, Guardian [Food section], p7, turmeric, R3P133, Sergey Kolesnikov [Alamy credit only]

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Sunday Times 20th - online




Bill Allsopp  Normanton Church on the bank of Rutland water. - Image ID: RT8YB0

Steve Carr The Old Buttercross Oakham - Image ID: F3NJG4

Jurgita Vaicikeviciene  Woman hands tidying up kids clothes in basket. Vertical storage of clothing, tidying up, room cleaning concept - Image ID: RW0YKT

Avalon/Construction Photography  Private home, interior of a modern house. - Image ID: P66GKY

Steffen Hauser / botanikfoto  Common heather (Calluna vulgaris 'Garden Girls') - Image ID: EACX79

John Richmond  Red,pink and white variegated foliage of the compact evergreen shrub, Lophomyrtus x ralphii 'Magic Dragon', New Zealand myrtle - Image ID: KRJ6KW

paul weston Ornamental Grass 'Carex oshimensis 'Everillo' - Image ID: JAPXH8

Winter flowering pansy ‘Deltini Honey Bee’ - can't find it (in Alamy)




Juan Carlos Muñoz  IBERIAN PIG, Sierra de Aracena Natural Park, Huelva, Andalucia, Spain, Europe - Image ID: DDM4P4

Jennifer Wright   Three people flying on the SlotZilla Zip Line underneath the barrel valuted canopy at the Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas, NV - Image ID: RA2KPN

Mike Kipling Photography  Castle Howard near Malton North Yorkshire - Image ID: B804FH - horizontal crop

Scott Wilson  Interior view of famous Basilica di San Vitale, one of the most important examples of early Christian Byzantine art in western Europe, in Ravenna - Image ID: M02DG5

Realy Easy Star  Italy Emilia Romagna Ravenna Sant Apollinare Nuovo -The Holy Virgins - after 526 - Image ID: KE93KX

Lambolens   Bigbury-on-Sea, Devon, UK - Image ID: MJ9DW9




Convery 6month   Nationwide Building Society, Bristol, UK. - Image ID: EKXD60

Louisa Svensson  Marcus by Goldman Sachs website seen through a magnifying glass - Image ID: MEY817

A. Astes   Selfridges department store interior, Louis Vuitton shop in London - Image ID: F9FT4H

David Warren   The Diwali light "switch on" on the Belgrave Road, Leicester. The Festival of Light attracts upwards of 35 thousand people. - Image ID: F5YDD1

Justin Kase  Red Post Office arrowed direction sign on top of post box union jack flags in Regent Street West End London England UK - Image ID: C317NW




Ian Rutherford  6th September 2015. Scottish Borders UK, New Borders Railway. A train from Edinburgh exits Bowshank tunnel near Galashiels. - Image ID: FE3Y8E

Moenchengladbach, Germany. 30th September, 2015. UEFA Champions League, 2015/16, prliminary round, 2nd matchday, Borussia Monchengladbach (Moenchengladbach, Gladbach) vs. Manchester City ----pink Nike Mercurial football boots Credit: kolvenbach/Alamy Live News - Image ID: F386X7




Edited by Bryan
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