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There are 4 main sections to the Alamy forum:


1. "Alamy Quality control and technical queries" - this will be devoted to understanding QC, reasons for failure, allowing failed images to be posted up so an independent view can be given. Plus this topic will be for questions related to photography, cameras and software inc Photoshop and scanning etc.

2. "Ask the Forum" - anyone with a question related to Alamy or the Stock Industry can ask it here and hopefully get an answer from a well informed fellow photographer.

3. "Let's talk about pics" - purely to talk about and share images, portfolio critique, inspire and general positivity. 


4. "Suggestions, comments and feedback" - here you can give feedback on the forum structure and/or Alamy in general. We will read all comments posted.

The forum is moderated and any posts that do not fit into the above criteria may be removed. 

Many thanks


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