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On the RM vs RF issue...

Most, but not all have listed their images either entirely or mostly RM. A few list all as RF.

I have maybe a fourth or fifth of mine RF. I cannot say which sells better.

My own judgement is the ones I choose for RF are ones that are easily shot by many people if there is nothing in the image that needs releases. For me, mostly common plants, trees, clouds, and things like that. That said, I still list some of those RM. I just don’t divide half RM and half RF of the same subject shot at the same time. I make a choice and select one license type.  Anything that is particularly better than my average, will always be RM. I do have a handful of people images with releases listed RF. Most of those are RM. I have noticed the ones with releases listed RF seem to sell more often than the ones listed RM with releases.

As mentioned many times in other threads, the licensing boundaries have greatly blurred in recent years. Many RM licenses look and feel a lot like RF licenses.

Whatever you do, don’t have images elsewhere that are RF listed here as RM. If you double dip an image at two separate agencies, use the same license type at both places.


If it sounds confusing, well, it is. Even to me. Sometimes I choose on a whim. We women are good with whims. 😊


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Also, Aaron, “beautiful yellow flowers” for your caption is all wrong.

it should be “closeup of yellow (common name) (scientific name) growing in (town), (state) USA. At least the state, USA. Then in your tags below, repeat the common name and scientific name again. Do a few searches on plants and read the tags.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made a sale of a plant when the search term was only the scientific name. Very important. If you can’t find out the plant’s name, don’t upload it. I’ve never made a sale from pretty, or red flower, yellow flower, etc. I do list the color in the tags, because of the chance someone will use a color name in a search for a theme or something. For instance, “red American Beauty roses”

For instance, “pink roses, common name, scientific name.”  “Purple asters, scientific name.”

When I buy a plant for my garden, they each have a tag with the common and scientific name. I save these tags for when I shoot that plant in bloom. Saves searching and trying to figure it out. If you are in a public garden, many times the plant names are on a small sign. Shoot the sign, then the plant.


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