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Access to My Alamy reports via VPN

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I'm experimenting with NordVPN to enhance my internet security when using Wi-Fi hotspots. Everything I've tried so far seems to work fine except that, depending on which UK based VPN server I select, I find that I can't access "My Alamy" in Alamy Measures and an error message appears message saying that Alamy has unexpectedly disconnected. The behaviour is repeatable. Some of the UK servers are fine, others are not. It's as if Alamy is blocking access to certain sections of "My Alamy" based on the IP address of the server requesting the info. Maybe Alamy have seen malicious activity being originated through some VPN servers and so have blocked them?


Is anyone else using VPN, and if so are you seeing this issue?



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6 hours ago, meanderingemu said:

if you get it again, post the server number and I'll try on my account 


Thanks. I will.


I just tried half a dozen different UK servers and they all worked fine. Maybe I was just unlucky. Unfortunately I didn't write down the two servers that gave me problems, and with over 600 UK based servers to choose from it could take a long time to find it again as they've already disappeared from my recents list.



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