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Guardian Online 24/06/19
Stephen Dinsdale    The wonderfully ornate City Hall in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK, on a lovely sunny July day in 2017 - Image ID: JFRTYH
Anna Berkut    beautiful summer panoramic view of Sommaroy island in Norway - Image ID: JJ5BYY

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Guardian Online 24/06/19
kevers   Cycle Lane in Dublin, Ireland - Image ID: E8C9B6


Guardian Online 25/06/19
Andrew Michael   Eton public school boys. Berkshire, England, UK. - Image ID: CBYKB3
Roger Bamber   A sewage treatment operator carries out essential cleaning and maintainance work at Wanlip sewage works in Leicester - Image ID: A9TT32

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Numerous usages of one image which I’m referencing here:


TRKH4D Malcolm Park Horse Guards Parade, London, UK. 8th June 2019. Soldiers of the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards Troop their Colour in the presence of HM The Queen at the Queen’s Birthday Parade. A Royal carriage arrives with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall; Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge; Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.


The Mail on Sunday (print) 9/6/19

Harpers Bazaar 24/6/19

Town and Country magazine 24/6/19

The Sun 24/6/19

Newscom.au 24/6/19

The Mail online 24/6/19

Vogue 24/6/19

Herald Sun australia 25/6/19

Good Housekeeping 25/6/19

Yahoo Lifestyle 25/6/19

YouTube 25/6/19

AussieActu 25/6/19 (usage incorrectly attributed to AFP)

e-news.us 25/6/19

Huffpost 26/6/19

India Times Post 26/6/19

Edited by Malcolm Park
Additional usage found
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A bit later than usual today, been out and about . . . . .


The Times - online




F1RG1T   Gary Doak   Mark Rylance, the English actor, at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2015. Edinburgh, Scotland. 22nd August 2015



PMFMAE   Kevin Hayes  Brighton, England. 29th September, 2015. Jennie Formby, political director of UNITE the Union and Labour NEC member, speaking on the theme of 'work a



JG0WPX   Prathan Chorruangsak   cup of coffee americano, coffee morning concept.



BBJR2J   Peter Titmuss  Meet and greet travellers being picked up at terminal 4 London Heathrow Airport England UK 



A46W33     IS572/Cultura Creative (RF)  Higher education student






TX4CTR   Stephen Chung  London, UK. 24 June 2019. People take part in an opening event at Somerset House for Fly The Flag, a major new project marking the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for which artist and activist Ai Weiwei has designed a new flag. Credit: Stephen Chung / Alamy Live News



CKXE22   Christopher Middleton   August 28, 2012. A First Trans Pennine Express train at Liverpool Lime Street railway station in Liverpool, England on Tuesday, . . . .



KG3K3C   Michael Walter/Troika  Neil Woodford has moved to Oakley Capital where he has launched his own fund called Woodford Investment Management.



AAKKB5   Jeff Morgan 04   American author, biographer and journalist Brenda Maddox pictured in Hay on Wye Powys Wales UK

(also in print)



TWM588   JASPERIMAGE   Doocot Park, North Street, Elgin, Moray, Scotland, UK. 21 June 2019, This is the scene of the alleged crime relative to the following Police Scotland PR - Police in Elgin are appealing for information following the report of a sexual assault in the early hours of today (Friday 21 June 2019). The incident occurred at around 1.00am and involved the sexual assault of a 33 year old woman in the area of Doocot Park close to North Street. Credit: JASPERIMAGE/Alamy Live News



RMFENW   Michael Grubka   Celbridge, Kildare, Ireland. 15th Feb 2019: Pupils of North Kildare Educate Together National School in Celbridge protesting and calling for action on Climate Change. Credit: Michael Grubka/Alamy Live News

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1 hour ago, AlanW said:

A bit later than usual today, been out and about . . . . .



CKXE22   Christopher Middleton   August 28, 2012. A First Trans Pennine Express train at Liverpool Lime Street railway station in Liverpool, England on Tuesday, . . . .

Thank you for spotted this.

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USA, Food Network magazine, Jul/Aug 2019 issue


All photos are credited to Alamy only


Pg. 12, Moon Pies, Bert Folsom

Three chocolate moon pies in a sloppy stack on a white background. Stock Photo


P. 12, Empty waffle cone, Anatoly Vartanov

Empty waffle cone for ice cream, isolated on a white background. Stock Photo


Pg. 32, Marble rye bread (top slice cut out), Anjelika Gretskaia


Marble rye bread Stock Photo



Pg. 32, photo of Sno-Caps candy that I could not find


Pg. 132, Freeze dried ice cream, Independent Picture Service


NASA chocolate, vanilla, strawberry freeze-dried ice cream Stock Photo

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Country Life, May 26, 2019 - ISSN 0045-8856

How four of the greatest writers in history thrived in their garden sheds



The first is most likely...

E0KPTN by Keystone Press


...but could even be a mistaken credit from G****


F4TCEP by parkerphotography



GW5G7J by D. Callcut (mine)



EDIT: Whoops, missed one:

F7R5NG by The National Trust Photolibrary (no comment)




Edited by losdemas
added image
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Found in the Mail by Adie




Spain, Cadiz, Plaza de Candelaria, Royalty Café traditionally decorated interior Stock Photo


Photograph of Spain, Cadiz, Plaza de Candelaria, Royalty Café traditionally decorated interior

Photographer: travelib spain / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: PJHY62

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Traumort des Tages — Eine wunderschöne Lebensader in der jordanischen Wüste
Dream place of the day — A beautiful lifeline in the Jordanian desert


The Mujib Reserve of Wadi Mujib is the lowest nature reserve in the world, located in the mountainous landscape to the east of t
ED7TJ8 Mauritius Images / Fadi Al-barghouthy / Alamy RF


Biarritz: Strandperle mit französischem Flair
Biarritz: Beach pearl with French flair


Landscape in Biarritz, France and the sun setting in the horizon over the ocean
MXPNHW Mauritius Images / Antoine Barthelemy / Alamy RF


 Rock of the Virgin Mary (Rocher de la Vierge) in Biarritz, France
RAYADD Mauritius Images / Alberto Loyo / Alamy RF (incorrectly attributed to Antoine Barthelemy)

Edited by DDoug
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Cheers Christopher 👍



The Times - online




T99DWD   Rene Wassenbergh   Rear view of two children sliding through the apps on a smart tv. back of the children with the focus on the remote control. Everyday futurism



KMM7K8   Javier Larrea/age fotostock  Surgical Treatment of Prostate Cancer, Radical prostatectomy, Da Vinci Surgical Robot, Team of surgeons of doctors Madina & Azparren, Urology,



PB2KHT   Kevin Britland   couple walking near falmouth bay, cornwall, england, britain, uk.



GAEC46   Jozef Polc  Unrecognizable girl, sitting in a dark, playing with laptop



TXJ1TF  Ashraf Amra/APA Images/ZUMA Wire   Khan Younis, Gaza Strip, Palestinian Territory. 25th June, 2019. Palestinians burn a poster depicting U.S. President Donald Trump during a protest against the Bahrain economic workshop in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza strip on June 25, 2019. The main Palestinian political factions have called for a general strike on Tuesday in Gaza to protest the Trump administration's economic conference beginning June 25 in Manama, the capital of Bahrain Credit: Ashraf Amra/APA Images/ZUMA Wire/Alamy Live News



EFH5G5   Neniya Lanti   woman knitting holding hands "knitting needles" knitted yarn stitches closeup



DKPC37  Peter Thoshinsky/ZUMAPRESS.com   San Francisco, California, USA. 8th Dec, 2013. San Francisco Police Lt. JULIAN NG enjoys an 'e-cigarette' prior to briefing his officers at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California. The San Francisco Police Department was on hand with additional officers for the San Francisco 49er's vs Seattle Seahawks football game in response to concerns about increasing fan violence. The 49ers beat the Seahawks 19-17. © Peter Thoshinsky/ZUMAPRESS.com/Alamy Live News



K22C2P   Jaromír Chalabala   Sad look of the old dog. Sick (or tired) labrador retriever lying on wooden floor at home.



D0C328   Nigel Bowles  The £300million Southern Water's Peacehaven WTW in East Sussex serving Brighton and the surrounding area.



F502GW   KEE PIL CHO   Noctilucent clouds, Stockholm, Sweden



D12NRX   wunkley   Young female hospital patient in MRI scanner



P91GTA   sandy young   PRIDE Glasgow 2018 PICTURED the walk up St Vincent St, Glasgow.



KAAY8X   Paulo Oliveira   Rockall. British uninhabited islet in North Atlantic Ocean about 160 nautical miles west of the Scottish islands of St. Kilda.



KGMJ4P   GOODLUZ   Closeup of laptop computer keyboard



HAGN3A   Pennee Natgat  erraced Houses at Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland.



FC9NKT   Lankowsky   Busy hospital corridor


and again!


FC9NKT   Lankowsky   Busy hospital corridor



AF0K8B    Iain Masterton   Crowds of pedestrians on Grafton Street in central Dublin Ireland



G08A2N   Zoonar GmbH   Homeopathy



R4E43E   dolgachov/Panther Media GmbH  close up of addict with crack cocaine drug dose

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Guardian Online 25/06/19
Kevin Britland     open air cafe at porthmeor beach, cornwall, uk - Image ID: BKCAJX

Guardian Online 26/06/19
Jeff Morgan 10    Solar panels fitted to roof of rural detached period house in Clyro Powys Wales UK - Image ID: CC08E5

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Found in the Mail by Adie




North Sydney Olympic swimming pool in Milsons point and the Sydney Harbour Bridge,Australia Stock Photo


Photograph of the North Sydney Olympic swimming pool in Milsons point and the Sydney Harbour Bridge,Australia

Photographer: martin berry / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: R178PX

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The Times - online




MKP3TJ  nipiphon na chiangmai  Medicine and health care concept Doctor giving patient vaccine insulin or vaccination



TYRP5C   Mark Kerrison  London, UK. 26 June, 2019. Dominic Grieve, Conservative MP for Beaconsfield, prepares to meet climate change activists from his constituency during a mass lobby of Parliament for the climate and environment. Credit: Mark Kerrison/Alamy Live News



TYBM5H   Roger Garfield  Glastonbury, UK. Wednesday, 26 June, 2019. Festival goers arriving on day 1 of the 2019 Glastonbury Festival. Photo: Roger Garfield/Alamy Live News



M6P41K   Johnny Greig   Young people socialising, enjoying a drink together at Franks Cafe outdoor rooftop bar and restaurant in Peckham, South London with view of the city.



RNDEN6   Islandstock  Drone flying over airport perimeter fence as airplane takes off.



TYHMH9   Mark Kerrison  London, UK. 26 June, 2019. A model of a ‘Boris Made This’ red bus at the 50th birthday celebration for noted anti-Brexit campaigner Steve Bray of SODEM (Stand of Defiance European Movement) outside Parliament. Yesterday, Conservative leadership candidate Boris Johnson stated during an interview on Talk Radio that he relaxes by crafting and painting model buses made from wooden crates. Credit: Mark Kerrison/Alamy Live News



B27ND3   Gianni Muratore   People waiting at St Thomas Hospital emergency room London England Uk



F4MCNK   ACORN1  Autumn at Wollaton hall Nottingham England UK



PXG7B9   ElRoi  oil hemp products medical cannabis



E798XJ   A.P.S. (UK)   aerial view of Oxford city centre with University Colleges and the Bodleian Library prominent



JR5B2P  David Graham  Belton House, Grantham . . . . . . . . . . . (News in Pictures,  taken in 2015!)

TYE6C6   Nils Jorgensen  London, UK. 36th June 2019. Cindy Sherman, American photographer and film director showcases works in major retrospective, including the groundbreaking series, Untitled Film Stills, 1977-80, at National Portrait Gallery London, UK - 26 June 2019 Credit: Nils Jorgensen/Alamy Live News



HH07G2   Evgeniy Kleymenov   portrait of young beautiful woman with white hair, in a black coat, a skirt and a black hat, smoking an electronic cigarette, blowing the smoke vapor



E1HKBH   Moritz Wolf/Imagebroker  Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus), Kerala, India



FAE9AX   Edwin Remsberg   Chickens in a broiler house on the eastern shore of Maryland.



ABH1MW   Roger Bamber  Vintage image of 7 old fashioned leakbusters training for manual detection of water leaks in days before electronic probes



E165T7   Colin Underhill  Virgin Pendolino train on the West Coast Main Line at Long Buckby Wharf, Northamptonshire, England, UK



T53Y53   M4OS Photos   A man looks at his iPhone which displays the We Buy Any Car logo (Editorial use only).



CE53D6   keith morris  Half price sales at a branch of the high street womenswear clothing store BONMARCHE, UK



D6HA9C   Realimage  High view of Hawksmoor towers of All Souls College, the all fellows university. Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK, Britain



KHTMG3   Mark Waugh   Anderton Boat Lift that leads to the River Weaver on the Trent and Mersey Canal with Tata Chemicals Europe sale site in the background, Northwich, Che



P91JG2   Skully   Glasgow, Scotland, UK. 14th July, 2018. Two men holding hands and wearing rainbow coloured wings taking part in Pride Glasgow which is a celebration of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community. This year the parade started at Clyde Place and travelled through the city centre and finished at Kelvingrove Park. Credit: Skully/Alamy Live News



K2ECEE    SCOTLAND: The Big Picture/Nature Picture Library    View from Ben A'an looking over Loch Katrine, Loch Lommond & Trossachs National Park, Scotland, UK, November 2015.



CW1P99   Kenny Williamson   The public entrance to The High Court of Justiciary on Mart Street in Glasgow, Scotland, UK



B3FHKF   Stockbroker  Embryologist with microscope performing an intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (selective focus)



D5GYXR   Mike Pickles  Edinburgh's Murrayfield Stadium



FKKT3H   Richard Wayman  A man works on telephone cable pole renewal in rural Ireland near Glenties, County Donegal



DH50B3    Ulrich Niehoff/Imagebroker  Woman removing mould-covered wallpaper



F33M7J    Richard Wayman    Cyclists on O'Connell Street in Dublin, Ireland

Phew! . . . . . . . . more than a few!

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