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Mail Online 21st



A6GJPH - IS462  Teenage boy and girl taking a picture at prom
AY840B - Mark Campbell  Young women applying makeup in mirror of nightclub toilets UK
C8FK8W - Ian Macpherson A view of the front entrance to Blackfriars Crown Court in London
AXFB0F - acestock  Asteroid Earth Falling Meteor Planet Space World
C5KG8Y - Feng Yu  Lemon and Lime with white background
BE9TJK - Lynne Sutherland  Amazon packaging
APP8BG - Alan J Jones  Cardiff Royal Infirmary main entrance
BRCTWY -  steven gillis Civic Building Rotherham South Yorkshire England UK
D4H02G - Iain Masterton view across old Al Satwa district towards modern skyline of Dubai 
A62F79 - Scott Murphy    Midtown Manhattan Skyline East River New York
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Guardian online, May 22

Crowded beach, C606FC, Greg Balfour Evans/Alamy

Curry, AXNKHF, Foodfolio/Alamy

Girl with laptop, B84JJX, David J Green - lifestyle 2/Alamy

Edited by John Morrison
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USA, Food Network magazine, June 2013 issue (all images are cut outs or were cut out from background)


Pg. 10, Cucumbers, B569N7 Lusoimages - Food

Pg. 24, Apricots, CC87J2  ilian return

Pg. 28, Basil leaves, C04WPM RF Food Shots (Alamy credit only)

Pg. 36, Tortilla chips,C53MM3 Food Centrale Hamburg GmbH

Pg. 44, Wood cutting board, CXTJ2M Jiri Hera

Pg. 44, Hot sauce container, BN50DX Peter Tsai Photography

Pg. 45, President Obama, D2G641 White House Photo

Pg. 45, Tuna Fish, C7X11Y NATUREWOLRD

Pg. 45, Frank Sinatra, C8CKD7 AF archive

Pg. 151, Zucchini, CNTBP4 jorge-ims

Pg. 151, Onion, C8XYX2 Valentyn Volkov

Pg. 151, Dried fruit, B79NN0 Helen Sessions

Pg. 176, Hard boiled egg halves, B2PR5J Gossimages

Pg. 176, Onions, BX8NB5 Leonid Nyshko

Pg. 176, Pierogies, CEGC4M sanapadh

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Times Graduate Career 18th



D44G8F - Ian Shaw Metropolitan Police officers on duty at Westminster Bridge Houses of Parliam
C3XPXY - Chris Batson  Linkedin linked in website internet professional social network site young female  Image rotated
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22/05/2013, UK, Guardian, p7, lesser spotted woodpecker, C11GT0, Evan Bowen-Jones [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
22/05/2013, UK, Guardian, p7, freshwater pearl mussel, CNY5PX, blickwinkel/Hartl [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
22/05/2013, UK, Guardian, p24, Borough Market, A9BAPJ, Niall McDiarmid
22/05/2013, UK, Guardian G2, cat's eyes in dark on front cover, credited to Alamy but I can't find it
22/05/2013, UK, Guardian G2, p2, sweet chestnut tree, B5BYNH, Tony Watson [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
22/05/2013, UK, Guardian G2, p3, pink iPod Nano, B32EFC, D. Hurst [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
22/05/2013, UK, Guardian G2, p21, Oban, AJM5FG, Chris Mattison


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 20/05/2013, UK, London Evening Standard, p43, Joules shop in Cambridge, C0XB8T, Alistair Laming [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
20/05/2013, UK, London Evening Standard, p45, Byron cafe, C2J3GG, Jeffrey Blackler [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
20/05/2013, UK, London Evening Standard, p53, Equator monument near Quito, C0X650, Bill Gozansky [No credit - poss not via Alamy]


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21/05/2013, UK, London Evening Standard [summer supplement], p3, Brighton beach, CFRBED, Lenscap [Cropped. Alamy credit only]
21/05/2013, UK, London Evening Standard [summer supplement], picture of Bruges market square credited to Alamy that I can't find
21/05/2013, UK, London Evening Standard [summer supplement], p4, Belgium chocolates, BGYPXP, Stuart Black [Circular crop. Alamy credit only]


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Guardian Online, May 8, ice cream in Rome, D3X3W5, Paula Solloway  (Alamy credit only)


John, I've sent a Report to Alamy regarding someone giving your post a red negative.  It's time that Alamy stopped this nonsense!




Thanks, Sheila. Yes, it's nonsense. But look how popular I am... :P


Guardian Online, May 18, woman looking depressed (maybe somone's pressed the red button), CC2EA9, Adam G. Gregor /Alamy

I am only concerned how  popular I am in the real world - not on here, unless it were in increase sales :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

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I haven't quoted the post above due to its size! I also don't usually respond on this thread so that it keeps on topic but after the work that bchirs has put into the above post I felt compelled to thank him/her - even though none of mine are mentioned! - and everyone who takes the time to post on this thread! It really is helpful and I, for one, really appreciate it.

Edited by Lynne
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Huffington Post - US Edition May 22, 2013
Do These Things,Don't Cut Entitlements slide show
AJ0487, D. Hurst -  Rights Managed     Pills spilled on 20 dollar bill
Cannot find - Beach scene, tree limb overhead
A5CRCJ, Carolyn Clarke -  Rights Managed     The Capitol Building at dusk Washington DC USA
Cannot find - Stack of one dollar bill sheets and printing plate
C5KKH5, Scott Houston -  Rights Managed     Inmates of the female chain gang performing burial duty in Phoenix Arizona.
CPATW4, PSL Images -  Rights Managed     Wall Street sign in front of New York Stock Exchange in Manhattan, New York City
Cannot find - Wind turbines on grassy hill
US State Capitol Buildings slide show
C4DMM3, Frank Tozier -  Royalty Free     Delaware State House (capitol) in Dover
BY8G3E, Ilene MacDonald -  Royalty Free     Hawaii State Capitol Building Downtown Honolulu Oahu Pacific Island Ocean
B8Y2WW, Ostertag, George/SuperStock -  Rights Managed     Facade of a government building, Montana State Capitol, Helena, Montana, U
BRG05Y, Ilene MacDonald -  Royalty Free     New Mexico State Capitol Building Santa Fe
What's Troubling Abercrombie Executives
CWRYYM, B.O'Kane -  Rights Managed     huge advertisement hoarding for Abercrombie & Fitch, Dublin, Ireland
'Curing' Homosexuality slide show
BACC5W, 19th era 2 -  Royalty Free     the ordinary bicycle Penny-farthing high wheel high wheeler bicycle bike boneshaker velo
A44XH7, Eye Candy Images 2  -  Royalty Free     Sexy Land sign in Amsterdam Holland
BGEXMK, Finnbarr Webster -  Royalty Free     “pocket watch” and chain, watch, clock, time
A4GH65, Karl Kost  -  Royalty Free     Ultrasound scan of Baby in Womb
C4WBFA, Lasse Kristensen  -  Royalty Free     Isolated wine glasses on white
AMFW73, D. Hurst -  Royalty Free     water spraying out of shower head
A587AY, Stefan Klein/imagebroker -  Royalty Free     White rat in a hand
BXBA5G, Danny Smythe -  Royalty Free     Syringe with a clipping path isolated on white
BT9AB5, Brian Jackson  -  Royalty Free     Praying hands on an open bible
Advocate For Breast Cancer Without 'Going Pink' slide show
BM6D33, Yuri Arcurs -  Royalty Free     Young woman reading notebook while sitting on steps
'Emily Does Chicago': New Zealand Native Documents 365 Days In The Windy City One Clip At A Time
D3YM90, Chris Mellor -  Rights Managed     USA, Illinois, Chicago, Flag of Chicago, Daley Plaza.
Eye Care Tips For Post 50s
ARB7R1, Radius Images -  Royalty Free     Upset Man
10 Scary Effects of Stress slide show
B8MF5E, Redmond Durrell  -  Rights Managed     White Mouse
AXNACJ, Deco -  Royalty Free     Micro Array DNA Chip, human genome structure
BRFKB1, Mark Owen/Blackout Concepts -  Royalty Free     man with rain cloud painted on a wall
A505K2, IS981/Image Source Plus -  Royalty Free     Man holding a walking stick
AXN5PT, Deco Images II -  Royalty Free     x ray of brain showing hemorrhage blood clot brain attack
BA0896, Nucleus Medical Art, Inc. -  Rights Managed     This medical illustration depicts the heart offering a clear view of the cardiac mus
BPG3CM, Mediscan/Medical-on-Line -  Rights Managed     Human metastatic breast cancer in the pleural fluid. Stained with H&E and magnifie
Personality Traits Associated With Longevity slide show
A7971Y, Alan Spencer Photography -  Royalty Free     To Do List in reporters notepad with no entries
Cannot find - Two young women laughing outdoors
CNFMC9, Bela Hoche -  Royalty Free     Young Friends Enjoying Coffee At A Restaurant
A7BNAM, Gaertner -  Royalty Free     Rainbow over the Caribbean Sea ending at a freighter
B705HK, Robert Daly/OJO Images Ltd -  Royalty Free     Businessman holding picture of laughing face
BKW7HE, Dan Persson/Maskot  -  Royalty Free     Family does the high five
What Climate Change Just Might Ruin slide show
BKTRBX, Deborah Van Kirk -  Royalty Free     Peanut butter
The Most Fascinating Divorce Findings Of 2012 slide show
Cannot find - Woman looking into camera
CX6DY7, Yuri Arcurs  -  Royalty Free     Nervous groom going over his wedding vows before the ceremony - Copyspace
C574TW, Les and Dave Jacobs/Cultura Creative -  Royalty Free     Couple moving into new home
BNY89G, Sporrer/Rupp/Cultura Creative  -  Royalty Free     Young couple hugging close up
Cannot find - Woman looking at laptop computer in office
World's Most Valuable Brands 2013 slide show
CE85AE, digitallife  -  Rights Managed     china mobile website screen
12 Things Every Woman Should Know About Money slide show
Cannot find - Woman looking at computer screen
Cannot find - list of expenses on yellow notepad
D02GG8, gunnar3000/YAY Media AS -  Royalty Free     investment or invest money concept showing financial success
A2CWTR, Grantly Lynch/UK Stock Images Ltd -  Royalty Free     Royalty free photograph of Interest rates business headline in UK financial times
Cannot find - Businessman and businesswoman shaking hands
Cannot find - couple sitting on sofa showing concern
BT5D5N, Brian Jackson -  Royalty Free     Online shopping
A4B0DJ, D. Hurst -  Royalty Free     Pen and Graphs
D83G86, Oleksiy Maksymenko Photography -  Royalty Free     For lease sign in front of a large house in fall. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
B7H5DX, Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Blend Images  -  Royalty Free     Hispanic woman checking grocery receipt
ANJ67M, Peter Scholey  -  Royalty Free     Cutting up credit cards
B0DDTX, Jennifer Brown -  Royalty Free     A woman selects meat while grocery shopping.

Bucket List Bars slide show
C3TAAH, Nikreates -  Rights Managed     City Tavern, Philadelphia
CW3KR2, Ed Endicott / WYSIWYG Foto, LLC -  Rights Managed     The world famous El Chapultepec Bar in Denver's Lower Downtown District
SF Restaurants For Young Foodies slide show
BTR85G, © Dorling Kindersley/dk -  Rights Managed     Australia, Australasia, Perth, Vietnamese noodles in multicultural Northbridge
Gay Parents In The U.S.: Salt Lake City Has Highest Population Of Same-Sex Couples Raising Kids
BN5X2C, Matthew Chattle -  Rights Managed     Gay Couple with children Gay Pride London 2010


Edited by bchris
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22/05/2013, UK, London Evening Standard [Property section], p10, Wells-next-the-Sea, C4KGM6, Alistair Laming [Alamy credit only]
22/05/2013, UK, London Evening Standard [Property section], p10, Sandringham House, B70GWK, Glenn Harvey [bG for pic of OAP in headscarf. Alamy credit only]
22/05/2013, UK, London Evening Standard [Property section], p12, Greenwich Market, CW3031, Mark Richardson [Alamy credit only]
22/05/2013, UK, London Evening Standard [Property section], p30, Hyde Park, CECR5Y, Steve Vidler [Alamy credit only]
22/05/2013, UK, London Evening Standard [Property section], p34, Welwyn Garden City market, BARFTJ, Greg Balfour Evans [Alamy credit only]
22/05/2013, UK, London Evening Standard [Property section], p34, Welwyn Garden City, BARGKP, Greg Balfour Evans [Alamy credit only]
22/05/2013, UK, London Evening Standard [Property section], p34, Welwyn Garden City shopping centre, BARFX7, Greg Balfour Evans [Alamy credit only]
22/05/2013, UK, London Evening Standard [Property section], p35, Welwyn Garden City viaduct, A46G0N, Darrin Jenkins [Alamy credit only]
22/05/2013, UK, London Evening Standard, p35, nurse & baby, A7GC1T, i love images / babies [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]


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Mail Online 22nd



D75C4B -  Ian Dagnall  Sign outside the main entrance to the University of Leeds campus
BGJ2RY - Graham Oliver  The Law Courts, The Quayside, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tyne and Wear, 
BP85BF - Elizabeth Leyden Main door from the International arrivals area of Edinburgh Airport, Scotland, UK, 
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Coast May 2013


p16 - D02MXY - radnorimages -  Whiteford Burrows
p57 - C6G54J - Rolf Richardson - Southend-on-Sea
p60 - C5N7YG -  Justin Kase ztwoz  - Leigh
p71 - A1XXC1 - Alan Curtis - Campsite
p102 - BK20HX - PETER THOMPSON/Imagestate Media Partners Limited - Impact Photos - Ullapool
p122 - CF5KFF - Nigel Kirby/ LOOP IMAGES - Robin Hood's Bay


There's more in this edition according to the credits, but I am unable to find all the castles and campsites. Here it is, if you want to have a try.




(B Chris, yay! 1 green star going your way! - make that 2)

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