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This image also ran in the print edition of the New York Times "Style Magazine" on Page 30 in the May 12th issue



Photograph BRDH1B

Photographer Gavin Rodgers



Edited by Michael Ventura
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BBC History Magazine May 2013


P11  Brooklyn Bridge New York   AG932C 24BY36

P11  British dinky landrover toy  A62XXB Alan J Jones

P79  Newark Castle    AYKW1A JLImages

P81  Tower of London  A0CXR1 Tim Ayers

P81  Wolvesey Castle   B0C08H Peter Scholey

P83  Lincoln Castle  BFKX20  Paul Vidler

P83  Beach at Sandwich Bay BBA0JE ams images



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Most - if not all - are from Alamy.

I'm a bit pushed for time but if you have pictures of poisonous mushrooms it's worth checking.




Thanks for that, found one of mine (not yet reported) - correctly captioned I hope!



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From Christine's post above:


BRHFAJ -  Death cap mushroom (Amanita phalloides) - Niels Poulsen

ADG1J2 - Amanita virosa Italy - Paroli Galpert / CuboImages srl
ADA3CR - deadly webcap (Cortinarius rubellus, Cortinarius speciosissimus), at forest soil - blickwinkel/Koenig
A9W7ED - Panther Cap Amanita pantherina growing ay sandy hills bedfordshire - Andrew Darrington

? Amanita muscaria - Can't find...

AGWDT8 - Brain Mushroom / Fruehjahrslorchel - Arco Images / Nienhaus, H.
B440XK - Fool's Funnel - Clitocybe rivulosa - neil hardwick
BG66ED - Devils Bolete, Satans Mushroom (Boletus satanas). - WILDLIFE GmbH
B3DNXX - Yellow Stainer - Agaricus xanthodermus - neil hardwick
CBKRRK - Poisonous Jack-o'-Lantern Mushrooms (Omphalotus olearius) - Jason Langley



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I can't find any Help on how to how to correctly post a link to another member's Alamy image so I'd appreciate any help that can be offered


In the meanwhile, this image from Alamy Live News / Piero Cruciatti occupies the top half of the front page of The Times (UK) for May 14th 2013.



D7R672.jpg Image D7R672 - RM


I look forward to the day one of mine graces such hallowed pages :)

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CXX1X4 Christopher Hill


and a slide show of the following,


D4WPDC  warren mcconnaughie


C7X4P9 Ramsey Cardy


D47CM3 Paul Lindsay


CXG6W1Zoonar/Sergey Pristyazhnyuk


CXCRGH Andrew Michael




Edited by Craig Yates
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