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March 2019 Challenge.... EATING


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On 10/03/2019 at 07:27, Alan Beastall said:



Horse eating hay.






Wonderful capture LOL - it looks like a cartoon - fabulous! 

Lots of excellent photos here but had to a special thanks for this one for giving me a good laugh today! 


Guess this one posted twice too - it seems that I can't get the forum to work with Safari. Anyway, drag and drop in Chrome seems to be the only way to paste. 

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Just saw ANOTHER double post -sorry!
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I could not drag an image in using Safari, but was able to add this one using Chrome. I wish they would fix it so that we can more easily add images again.

Anyway, I am waiting for one of my photos to show up in the database, it passed QC today. Here's another meanwhile: 

Pollen covered eastern carpenter bee Xylocopa virginica feeds on bee balm Monarda didyma




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My three...


Man enjoying a sheeps's head meal - Langa Township, South Africa



Sharing a meal at the May day parade in Berlin



babel restaurant - Berlin



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insert pictures
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Thank you for all your wonderful entries. I shall begin the difficult task of choosing 8. It is actually very educational as I see how certain images stick out and I learn for my own work.



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