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Have you Found any Alamy Photographs,October 2013

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Mail Online 17 October 2013


Love buzz: bees most attracted to lavender and marjoram, study finds



Ian Campbell D4JADF Bee on Lavender



Krys Bailey BFFHKK Painted Lady Butterfly on Erysimum Flower



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20/10/2013, UK, Observer [Magazine], p61, Aster divaricatus, A24Y56, MBP-Plants [Alamy credit only]
20/10/2013, UK, Observer [Magazine], p61, Aster " Little Carlow", C0Y12K, Andrea Graham [Alamy credit only]
20/10/2013, UK, Observer [Magazine], p66, Hotel de Goudfazant in Amsterdam, CN4HY7, AMIEL Jean-Claude / hemis.fr [Alamy credit only]
20/10/2013, UK, Observer, p17, young woman using laptop, AG4MMJ, WHITEBOX MEDIA [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
20/10/2013, UK, Observer, p38, National Gallery, CN3DNY, Steve Vidler
20/10/2013, UK, Observer, p55, protesters in Haringey, CM54ER, Patricia Phillips
20/10/2013, UK, Observer [Review section], p34, Cezanne self-portrait, CRKBP6, DE1DYC, or DE6MWK, Masterpics or Fine Art Images x2 [Alamy credit only]
20/10/2013, UK, Observer [Review section], p35, silhouette of father & son hunting, BEHX86, AZP Worldwide [Alamy credit only]

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Sunday Telegraph [uK] 20 October, Life page L2-L3 [half-page]
CTDH9F The Broadway Market is heaving with hungry shoppers and the veggie burger stall is busy Kristian Buus

Sunday Telegraph [uK] 20 October, Life page L3 [eighth-page]
BW0B1H Panoramic view of central London from Telegraph Hill, New Cross, London, UK Londonstills.com

Sunday Telegraph [uK] 20 October, Life page L27 [eighth-page]
A1F3E5 Man and woman warming their feet in front of an open fire Peter Bowater



The Sun Herald [Australia] 20 October, Traveller, page 19 [eighth-page]
C3Y2N6 Australia, Northern Territory, museum and art gallery of the Northern Territory, aboriginal art, sculptures Pepeira, Tom / Iconotec

The Sun Herald [Australia] 20 October, Traveller, page 36 [spot-size]
DBED5Y Maison Pfister (German Reinaissance) with Christmas lights at night. Colmar. Wine route. Haut-Rhin. Alsace. France Elena de las Heras



La Vanguardia [spain] 20 October, Diners page 11 [quarter-page]
CWG9W3 Port of Barcelona with two cruises Grimaldy lines from Barcelona and Grimaldi Suardiaz from Florence cruise dock rosmi duaso

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Mail Online 20th


CXKT7P Radius Images Stack of Bread

AYPWPM Justin Kase NHS Hospital Accident and emergency department entrance and ambulance

George Doyle technicians in a surgery readying the operating room http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2468613/I-worry-family-taken-hospital-weekends-NHS-boss-admits-concerned-staffing-levels.html can't find it on Alamy despite credit.

BEM70A Michele Constantini Elementary student raising hand in class, rear view

AB5WTD Justin Kase Trafalgar Square ambulance from the London Ambulance Service attending a 999 incident 

A1DW3T Magdalena Rehova Man in dark night, face lit by blank white LCD laptop display light

CFJ108 Elena Elisseeva Teenage girl getting flu shot needle vaccination in arm

BHTGFG Pat Tuson  London Ambulance outside Whittington Hospital Accident and Emergency Department A&E Archway England UK


D2H1CY or D2H1K8 Les Gibbon  The wind farm and turbines at Normandy Hall Country Park, near Scunthorpe, UK set in beautiful countryside.

C42GTN geogphotos Job Centre plus office, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England

B2MKA2 Jinny Goodman Young woman grocery shopping. UK
AWF0KT Victor Goico Shopping bag full of groceries

AWTWE5 Gerard Launet Children using computer, silhouette

C18XNM Stocktake Lightbulb

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Huffington Post US Edition 10/20/2013
B6GKR8 - RM - tony french - a ballerina ties her pointe shoes during a rehersal of the English National Ballet s sleeping beauty


Huffington Post Canada Edition 10/16/2013


APYREK -  RM - Bill Truran - 5 Generic chocolate sandwich cookies

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20 OCT 2013


Many Hurricane Sandy Victims Getting Shortchanged on Flood Insurance


DAGFKB A home knocked off the foundation by Hurricane Sandy as clean up continues in the aftermath January 16, 2013 in Mantoloking, NJ.

Photographer: FEMA



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Men's Journal - November 2013


p88 - CRKE6R - Michele and Tom Grimm - maple syrup sign in Stowe Vermont
p108-109 - D0GK2G -  Steven Kazlowski  - Polar Bear up against photographer's pickup truck window



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Guardian Online, Oct 21

Maypole Inn, Yorkshire, BAEMXE, John Morrison (hooray!)
The Ship, Dunwich, Suffolk, D4D1FD, geogphotos (Alamy credit only)
The Tolcarne Inn, Newlyn, Cornwall, BWW8F4, David Wall (Alamy credit only)
The Thatch, Croyde, Devon, C666NR, Anna Stowe (Alamy credit only)

Woman with cold, crop of D4XJ4H, Axel Bueckert/Alamy

The ‘Gherkin’, London, C23NFY, Grant Smith/Alamy

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The Guardian [uK] 21 October, page 8 [quarter-page]
DGE5XD Milton Keynes, Bucks, UK. 19th October 2013. Autumn Colours and scenery in and around Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England - October 19th 2013 Keith Mayhew/Alamy Live News


The Independent on Sunday [uK] 20 October, pages 32 [spot-size]
DAFNC8 Eurasian cuckoo (Cuculus canorus), male starting from a branch, Germany blickwinkel

The Independent on Sunday [uK] 20 October, pages 42-43 [half-page]
DABM85 Excavating London Underground Victorian period The Keasbury-Gordon Photograph Archive

The Independent on Sunday [uK] 20 October, pages 50 [spot-size]
APXXC6 Airport Baggage Check Gatwick Luggage Security Uk acestock

The Independent on Sunday [uK] 20 October, pages 64-65 [half-page]
AX69FT Filipina Amahs Sending Money Back to the Philippines with Western Union in Hong Kong dbtravel /  dbimages

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Sunday Times Home 6th



D1PGN3 Andrew Barker The Cotswolds Motor Museum in Bourton on the Water, Gloucestershire, England (think it's this one, small crop and poor repro in paper)


Excellent, thanks Bryan. Ive had a couple of these zoomed but couldnt find them in use anywhere. It hasnt been reported yet though, is that normal?


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