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Just a reminder to keep posts on topic please. We've removed a handful of posts that were derailing the original thread.





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Ed's point is a great one and a lesson I still need to absorb. 


Ed, I just looked at your portfolio and it really is alive with strong and striking images that jump out. Thanks for sharing.

On 11/03/2019 at 09:54, Ed Rooney said:

Has The Parakeet Equality Society heard about this hat feather thing, Mark? 


OK, OK, I'll get back on the subject and give some advice to Young, our OP. 


Young, Stock is a long game. We've both been at it for a decade. We both should have uploaded at least 10 to 12 K images at this point. I only have 6,000. And you have just 4,000. You don't shoot enough. And as has already been said, being sloppy about composition is not going to work in your favor. 


A very good stock image has strong lighting, shape, color, and gesture. And understand that you're not going to get rich doing this. If you need or want to shoot mainly when you travel, you can't even expect to turn a profit. 


I lived in Summertown and Woodstock in the '80s. There are lots of stock subjects available in Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds.


Good luck. 


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Jon, you have some excellent PJ pics in your port. It's been many years since I did that kind of work. You get right in the middle of things. Bravo!


May I suggest that for routine stock you open up the shadows some and then balance by adding a little contrast. I do that in LR. 



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