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I had the lowest number of sales in the past two years. But the prices were strong, so I'm not complaining. 


February has started strong. I don't get the end-of-the month sales many Brits do. 



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As you Brits say, rubbish month. CTR , which was mostly over 1.0 for my main pseudo all last year, was zero all month and my views are down by 50%. December was dreary as well. Longest dry spell in a long while. 

Meanwhile, that other place, where I have 300 images mostly shot between 2005-2009, roared back to life in December and is back to multiple sales daily, mostly small but single sales do fall in the $80+ net range from time to time. Alamy's new 40% is only 4% higher than my commission rate there (it's tiered), which is a sobering thought. 

Of course, a couple of $$$ sales here will have me singing a different tune, so I really don't know where to put my efforts on the agency front. I'm hoping a new blazing fast computer will help me get motivated to churn through my backlog and grow my portfolio to the point where month to month variations are not so stark. 

iIf February is truly the cruelest month, I'm really in trouble B)

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Probably the worst month in two years or so, for volume and revenue...5 for just over 100 gross.

Not in NU. Restrictions in place for no more PU (they can be as low as $5 gross). Don't know how much longer I'll bother with the UK newspaper scheme..

Zooms reasonable though (but they don't pay the bills !).


I was also informed by Alamy that a distributor had gone bust, so bad news there. Brazil I think, as that's where my photo was used.



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On 06/02/2019 at 10:29, AlbertSnapper said:



I was also informed by Alamy that a distributor had gone bust, so bad news there. Brazil I think, as that's where my photo was used.



Brazil, again? A few years ago we had sales to Brazil written off because the distributor had gone bust / run away.

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6 minutes ago, Phil Robinson said:

Brazil, again? A few years ago we had sales to Brazil written off because the distributor had gone bust / run away.

Hello Phil,


I had an image published (found it online, used in a Brazlian educational book) about a year ago.

Alamy tried to chase it up with the distributor (don't know which one), but were not able to recover money owed as the distributor had gone belly up.

So Alamy themselves and contributors have lost out there.

I guess as everywhere, some businesses will make it, others will fall by the wayside leaving a trail of debt :(



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On 2/7/2019 at 06:14, RedSnapper said:



April is the cruelest month....



65 sales in January......below par






Clearly I was not an English major, although I love poetry and have several books of poetry I've bought over the years  - both classic and contemporary poets - but I've  never read that famous poem and always thought, since February is so dreary and cold, that is was the month in the quote. So now I've gone and read T.S.Eliot's poem - I always love April as the lilacs outside my office window, which were a mother's day gift  nearly 21 years ago when we bought this house, begin to bloom and, as they are my favoiite flower, bring me such joy after the winter which always has me feeling dreary - especially when there is no snow to brighten things up. I'm glad the spring does not make me sad, but the poem certainly gets you thinking. I'll have to read more poetry and less internet chatter. Thanks for the head's up. Always good to learn something new.


I did study with Robert Mezey out in California having spent my junior year at Pomona College, and he would recite lots of poetry aloud to us.  I worked as a cub reporter for a newspaper the summer before and one of the reporters who had studied with him when he taught in Pennsylvania, recommended that I take a class with him. It was very small - 10 of us he hand-picked from our writing samples and interviews - but it turned out tsouthhat he hated everyone's work - It was supposed to be creative writing but he insisted we write only poetry, not short stories - and then decided after a few weeks to recite poetry to us since nothing was worth reading, and wine an other libations were involved, so if he recited that poem to us, that may be why I don't recall. I worked hard in college but that turned into an easy pass/fail - I was taking one grad level Political Science course (I was a Government major at Smith) and was Editor in Chief of the college paper that semester, and doing volunteer work as well, so I can't complain. 


If you like poetry , I'd recommend Mezey's "The Door Standing Open." 


Well, my views are up and I have a blazing fast new computer so hopeful things will turn around by April. Currently working on black and white fine art photos for a portfolio review in a couple of weeks - yikes! So it may be a while before I get any new work up - I travelled a lot in January through the midwest and the south and back home to the east coast, but weather was dreary no snow, though I got some gorgeous barns in West Virginia and some Louisville nightlife. And my darling grandson. 

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