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Favourite photos uploaded February 2019

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18 minutes ago, spacecadet said:

A friend had one in the 80s. It was like riding in a tin can. Classic cars are great, but practical? Hmm. Life's too short to grease the suspension.


Somehow I managed to cram four people plus skis into my Cooper S. I had to drive with mitts on and an ice scraper in my left hand in order to keep the windshield clear. I was a university student at the time and didn't pay much for the car. The clutch was shot, so I had to rev the engine between gear shifts. I got pretty good at it. Wouldn't want to own a classic car these days, that's for sure. At the time, though, stuff like greasing the suspension was just run-of-mill maintenance. Cars have have come a long way technologically, but they've lost a lot of their personality.

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One from Windsor on Sunday:





Earlier in this thread, I posted a light bulb that I photographed in my light tent. Well I got bored one day this week, had a play in Photoshop can came up with these.. first time I have ever tried something like this.







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Many of those of you in the UK will be aware of the highly emotional events involving the wartime B-17 that crashed in the woods of a park in Sheffield, turning away from and saving the lives of children playing on the park whilst losing their own. Three of the crew are interred in the Cambridge American Cemetery near the town of that name, and a small ceremony took place here in conjunction with the larger event at the scene. The four F-15s that closed the flypast at Sheffield continued on to Cambridge to overfly the crew. The inscriptions of the crew had been highlighted using sand from the Normandy beaches. A very emotional day.





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Sea Turtle surfacing for breath of fresh air




Vintage Cuban Car at Guantanamo Bay Viewpoint



Panoramic View of Guantanamo Bay on a hill above Cuban Military Base midground center right.   US Base distant on the horizon far left



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Grassy Hill, Cooktown, Far North Queensland, Australia




Statue of a Chinese migrant contemplating his new country before the trek to Palmer goldfield, Cooktown, Far North Queensland, Australia




Water park in the new precinct, Cooktown, Far North Queensland, Australia




Man selling puppies at the Saturday markets, Cooktown, Far North Queensland, Australia



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