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Favourite photos uploaded January 2019

Bill Brooks

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Just getting my photos up on Alamy from my recent trip to Italy and Greece (mostly Italy). All shot with the Sony RX10 IV...the long zoom came in handy.

This shot at the Acropolis was nearly racked out to 600mm




Camogli, Italy



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On 23/1/2019 at 14:18, Colin Woods said:

 I just love  a photo that I go " what the heck am i looki..... ahhhhh "



 This photo works on so many levels , I would almost buy this myself  :) 





Here is my photo that I like from January, a container boat that was in Toronto harbour.front-view-of-the-bulk-carrier-ship-wigeon-in-toronto-harbour-canada-RBJ990.jpg


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5 hours ago, David Pimborough said:

Thats no boat thats a work of art

Thank you David. It's not often I get accused of producing art. It was pretty impressive though. I looked it up when I got back and it weighs 23000 tons, which is not enormous but I think the really big ships are the oil tankers which don't come into harbour like this. Any shipping experts reading this can elaborate on how big 23000 tons is for a ship in Toronto harbour. Here is a more stocky shot of it

A photographer taking pictures of the bulk carrier ship Wigeon in Toronto Harbour, Canada - Stock Image

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On 23/01/2019 at 14:18, Colin Woods said:
On 08/01/2019 at 10:55, Doc said:

Black rhino drinking at a waterhole at night, Etosha National Park, Namibia - taken at ISO 25,600


Wow, what camera is that Kumar? My D750 is good up to 10 000ISO, after that it breaks down too much.

Hi Colin!


Canon 5D Mk3; quite a lot of RAW manipulation in Lightroom afterwards!



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25 minutes ago, Bill Brooks said:

That is it for uploads in January. Thats me in the MRI. Never miss a photo opportunity.

MRI Magnetic resonance imaging medical imaging technique radiology scan of a human head Stock Photo

I would speak to your doctor about the colour of your insides - I think they are supposed to be pink.  Or are you blue blooded? ;)

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10 hours ago, NYCat said:


Wonderful image.



Thank you Paulette.

I liked the image, but when I looked at the number of photographs on Alamy for the same flower, I didn't like my chances...



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On 24/01/2019 at 19:09, John Mitchell said:

I came across this graffiti-covered garage door in my neighbourhood. A true work of art, I thought.




I don't think you need to be worried about anyone claiming copyright for that one.:D


Not exactly Banksy is it?





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