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Photo insurance - motorhomes & Campervans

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I am in the process of taking out full professional photo insurance as I need public liability insurance for accreditation to sports events. All pretty straightforward (but not cheap) including the rules for keeping cover on equipment in the boot of an unattended car.


My problem is I want to use my motorhome (alarmed etc) when I am at multi-day events. So far I have not found anyone who will provide cover except when  I am in it. This raises a serious challenge when I am at events or indeed for myself, or many others, when travelling on holiday/ for stock - how do I cover any spare kit that I don't want to carry or indeed can't carry? I had hoped to leave it out of sight in the van (modern Renault Master panel van conversion). I don't want to tow a car just to store my equipment! The value of the equipment is probably higher than for the average amateur (around £25k new for old) as it is serious professional kit accumulated over many years for sport etc.

Any suggestions? How do other people manage?



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Hi Martin,


Although not exactly what you are looking for, I have professionally used Morgan Richardson Ltd over the last few years and although I have never had the need for a claim they have been excellent in tailoring my (at times demanding) needs.

Might be worth you giving them a call.

Their number is 01277 630666.



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hello Martin, if you don't have any luck with the insurer that Andy has suggested or want to get another price ...you can always try Cliik insurance ( part of the real insurance group) they do professional photographers insurance public liability and equipment cover   ) I know of quite a few pro photographers that use them )


Like Andy I haven't had to claim yet thankfully..but when I took my insurance out with them I needed public liability for photographing trackside at a motor circuit and also wanted cover for my equipment whilst I travel around with my camera gear in my car, both were sorted with no problems.

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Thanks guys, Looks like I am going to have a busy day on the 'phone tomorrow. I have had no problem getting trackside public liabaility or cover in the car. It is just they don't want to insure kit unattended in a motorhome. It is not appropriate or affordable to put it on the house contents insurance.

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Is it a proper built motorhome (i.e. conversion from new with motorhome on the logbook) or a self conversion. If the latter then you probably wont get insurance, if the former I dont see why you are having the difficulty.

Most normal insurances wont insure equipment in a locked vehicle after 9pm unless you are present or on a job (as full time pro).

I have a motorhome and have strong boxes built in but generally wouldnt leave equipment in there regardless unless I really had to.

Certain things like dye sub printers for events, its impossible to carry around and need left in the vehicle but again if they are there Im generally on a multi day job so its covered.

I see a lot of new photographers with liveried vans which in most cases will invalidate your insurance on a break in but again you have to ask the questions and talk to a real person.


It really depends on the type of motorhome and how you have it fitted out. Most pro insurers will underwrite you, just the cost is the issue.

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Joe, it is a 6 month old professional conversion registered as a motorcaravan from new and no sign writing to advertise content. I didn't expect it to be treated any differently from a car. Like you I would prefer not to leave kit in it but it is pretty much unavoidable with what I will be doing. If it can be treated like a car then as you find I am OK but I was told differently even though the quotation paperwork says vehicle not car - I need to see the full policy and clarify rules. As suggested I need to speak to other insurance brokers.

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