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Sold a image today DA1149 Bournemouth Beach. Thats the good news


But i had a processing error on 3rd images i recently sent in. Is a processing error something to do with my processing or Alamy's ??????? 

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You don't say if the batch of images passed QC, "image processing error" is at Alamy's end and doesn't affect your upload, just upload the image again. That's from my experience anyway but others may have an alternative view.



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 Normally it's called  "Partially Failed". What that means is, Alamy has made a mistake but is blaming you for half of it. Kinda like they pay you 50% so they expect you to take 50% of the blame when they screw up. My wife works the same system  except I have to take 100% of the blame when she screws up.

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Might be worth a new thread of the funniest line or question. It would be a great competition where you don't even have to post animal pictures.


My vote this month goes for "Sorry who is 'MS'"


No offence Steve, but when you have been here a while you will understand.


Andy (also from Leicester)

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If I were you, I would marry Alamy. You collect 50% of license fee, and can still bash your wife, Alamy that is, on the forum like everyone else. -_-

I'm not bashing Alamy, they do a great job for me. I'm just having a bit of fun as I'm bored keywording and want to get back on the road again. 

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