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Passed QC but no images in "Not Ready"

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I emailed MS today and got this reply



"Looks like there’s been a bit of an issue with our database over the weekend and the images are stuck between QC and Manage Images. Our engineers are currently giving the images a poke with a stick so they’ll hopefully be ready for keywording soon.


If you still can’t see them tomorrow then please give us a poke with a stick."


So they are working on it



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Yep, turned up for me, too.  But the following three uploads (all on the 22nd, different times) are in various states of limbo: one Awaiting QC, one Processing - average wait time 24 hours and one Processing - average wait time 23 hours.  Guess that it's just a result of the other problem, though.  It'll all come out in the wash!

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(Btw, might be an idea as well to remove the pointless



Continue to use the old version /Take me to the new version screen as well, that still pops up when clicking on the Passed QC - Now Manage your images link)



Leave it be, it's still great for some people. In some ways I still like how it works. It's also working well with iPhones... (If it's not broken, why fix it...)  :-)

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