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Capture One Pro – (bad) impressions?

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7 minutes ago, spacecadet said:

I hate to mention it to you now but it might help someone else.

The free version of Lightworks is fully functional except for a render limit of 720p. If you ever need to render in HD, you can simply subscribe for a month and then cancel, but 720p is quite adequate for a big telly.


I am happy with Final Cut Pro myself but as you say others might be interested in your post. I am using 4k ProResRaw (my existing camera just happened to be upgradeable to do this) so the only other option for Mac would be the full Adobe which is way too expensive. Word has it that there is a huge revolution afoot in the world of video as UHD HDR TVs become commonplace so I sort of jumped on the wave without knowing a lot about it in the first place but I am learning fast and enjoying the trip immensely. It is overkill at the moment but give it a few years and HD TVs will be a thing of the past. We divert. 

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I have always suspected that the first computer, first system, and first programs one uses will, absent some clear problems, feel like the most intuitive and the best.  I've used Windows, Mac, Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD, and Solaris.  The only one that was absolutely stupid for my purposes was Solaris on a desktop, which was like flying a helicopter to get groceries five blocks away.  If programs work for someone, they're the right program for that person.

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