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I've submitted a few photos now but, try as I might, have not been able to raise the status of my submissions beyond "Poor discoverability". I have read all the information I can find about how to improve "Discoverability" (and applied the advice to the best of my ability) but just can't get that orange bar to turn green. Can Alamy provide more precise information on how to achieve this?

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Some folk no doubt add lots of irrelevant tags, but that will hurt - not help - ranking and sales. I don't think Alamy thought through the 'discoverability' idea. My advice: carry on as you are, adding only relevant tags...

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Just had a look at your pix. A few thoughts…

Expand the captions.
You don’t need the word ‘image’ or ‘picture’ in either the caption or tags.
For animals and birds add the particular species and Latin name wherever possible
Be accurate: your American Robin isn’t shown ‘building a nest’, and I can’t see any ‘earth worms’.
Farming & landscape shots generally require a location (plus ‘Canada’ & ‘Canadian’) and ‘landscape’.
‘BC’ is presumably ‘British Columbia’. Spell it out.
Snowy landscape needs ‘snow’.
A few shots are a bit gloomy; better light would help…

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13 hours ago, David Pimborough said:


Farm and field (your titles)


As a buyer I'd like to know where it is so put place names in the description

add the district and country to the tags.


As to discoverability don't worry about it it's a red herring


Example: A traditional style barn in the New Jersey farmbelt of Bergen County


I've added Fairview, Bergen County, New Jersey, NJ, USA, United States of America, American



 I'd also add US, and America as a supertag.



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