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Taking pictures at a Midway Fair

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I don't see the point in going up to ISO5000, but I've no doubt that my D700 could handle it swimmingly. Nikon really tamed noise with this camera. I bought mine right after getting a D90 (nice camera too) mostly for its noise control. The D3 had the same ability.

Ed, try "one teenage and one pre-teen daughter heavily involved in gymnastics and sport-cheer" . . . ISO 5000, sometimes 6400, absolutely essential :-)


And you can add to that "indoor cricket" . . . :) . . .




Dusty, horse tranquilizes are available with a RX.  Sports and young people is a different ballgame.  I certainly agree with your opinion on the D700. 12MP is perfect for stock.


I'll see if I can open the door to my basement to do some very low-light shooting.   :)


Steve, there isn't even a hint of noise in the darkest shadows with the D700 at ISO800. 

My wife has had the D600 for a few months now ( and my 24-70 :(  ) and I must say that it also does a pretty good job of dealing with noise at higher ISO's and when the images are downsized the same as the D700 they are superb (sadly the D600 doen't feel like the D300 or the D700 though )

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Hi Jill,


With a Canon 5Dmk2 i find images passing at ISO 3200 with no problems - with the 5Dmk1, 1600 was fine, but I agree with previous suggestions that QC tend to be more lenient in situations where a high ISO is obviously needed - eg at dusk. Flash can be used but can destroy the ambience. I use IS lenses, but would consider a monopod a reasonable compromise. I very rarely use a tripod as too bulky to carry and irritates other people as it gets in their way



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