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Hello, everyone.

Just joined Alamy. I am currently in Ottawa and do not have experience in stock photography. I am amateur photographer, but hope for luck.  

Look forward to being a part of Alamy community.



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Hello Oleh, welcome.


Very nice pictures indeed and you put a lot of efforts in your tags and captions.


A couple of tips: Alamy recommends not to translate into a foreign language. I noticed that you have Spanish and German (BTW it should be Nacional in Spanish not National). 

Translation is done automatically by Alamy sites outside UK.


You'll also need the Latin name for wildlife. 


Good luck, keep uploading!





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1 hour ago, Oleh said:

Dear friends,


Can someone explain me if such photos of hotels need a property release? How to find out this?

Photo of hotel @flickr





The image contains property (the hotel), so a release would be needed for commercial use, but not for editorial use. Just make images like these RM or RF editorial use only (check the "sell for editorial use only" in the Alamy image manager). Good luck on Alamy.

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With a caption indicating the name of the hotel, thus making it the main subject of the image I would say that a property release would be needed for commercial use in most/many places in the world. In Sweden it wouldn't though (in general speaking - a few modern buildings with striking design are "protected" (design protection)). For editorial use you of course don't need one. Hope this helps.

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