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Phil Robinson

Nikon RAW files open the wrong size!

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I have a Nikon D3300 which I haven't used for a while but I have tried a few shots recently as it has a bigger sensor than what I use now.
Although it worked perfectly in the past, I now find that the pics I have taken with it open up in all programs MUCH smaller than they should.

The sensor is 6000 x 4000 and in one area on Nikon Capture software, this is the size given in the info.

In every other program - including Windows explorer, Photoshop Elements and View NX-2, the pixel size is given as 1680 x 1080, and they open at that size in all programs I've tried.

This is now also happening with RAW files I took with it years ago, though they opened perfectly at the time.

I have the latest versions of the programs, I have the up to date Nikon codec on my computer. 

It's the same on both desktop and laptop.

Also, I get the message that the file format is incompatible with the software UNTIL I edit something - anything - in the metadata, even just putting a comma in the caption field.


Any ideas?

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Nope, but you could post a RAW file for others to look at to see if the problem is repeated elsewhere.

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