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4 hours ago, Martin P Wilson said:


I was rereading On Being a Photographer (Jay/Hurn) the other evening and noted that David Hurn's (of Magnum) advice was that you need to become at least a mini-expert in the field you are photograhing, you need to have an active interest if not a passion for the subject field. He also made the point that the background work is essential, research before, image editing and keywording and captioning afterwards. He reckoned the best photographers probably spend no more than 25% of their time takingphotographs.


A recommended read for any photographer who aims to make money from their work. You just need to see past the rather dogmatic, old-school, style (they were aging guys who had done the miles to earn the right to be dogmatic!) to the underlying messages which are as applicable as they always were, and to all genres.

Another must have read is Pictures on a Page, by Harold Evans. Not only about what makes a good news picture, but how that fits into the entire newspaper process.

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9 hours ago, funkyworm said:

Sometimes finding who's who is surprisingly easy. A couple of days ago a member of the Royal Family came up and introduced herself to me. One of those moments where you look back and think, did that just happen?





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4 hours ago, Chuck Nacke said:

To the OP,


Covering breaking news is not a "hobby."





@ChuckNacke Wish to elaborate? For me it is very much a hobby or a "hobby" as you said, for reasons stated earlier.

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