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Greetings from South Wales, UK

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Good day to you all,


I just thought that I'd take this quick opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Stephen and I'm new to Alamy and the whole process of uploading photos to sell from stock.  I live in South Wales, UK in a little village a short drive away far from the beautifully picturesque Brecon Beacons.  :)  I've been into photography since I was a child and had my first SLR when I was 10 - ahh the good ol' Praktica days :) - before moving onto a DSLR about 10 years ago.  I've recently purchased a Canon 750D earlier this year, so able to take a good quality set of photos with.


I'd guess my subject for photos are predominately wildlife and alike and also landscapes and castles (I'm on a voyage to visit all the UK castles in my lifetime), but I'm trying to take random pics just for.... well for the randomness really!


I am yet to submit my first three photos, but I've been able to take some pics over the weekend.  Unfortunately when on holiday in June although my camera takes 23mp, the files are not big enough for Alamy and it wasn't really until I was reading a money advice website suggested Alamy as a place to sell photos, that I looked into it further.  I'll have a browse through the pics I've taken and see if any of them are suitable to submit for my first submission.


I know that this is all still a bit new to me and even though I've been taking photos for many years, I'm hoping to pick up some tips and advice and to hopefully improve my hobby a bit in the time.  I'm still a bit unsure if my photos are going to be good enough, but in reading through some of the articles and some of the suggestions on the forum and it does seem like a good place to assist or get assistance from.  The one article I read was suggesting that if I took photos, then worth signing up, so here I am :)


I've waffled on a bit long now, so thank you for taking time to read my post, and if you can give me any quick tips or advice that you may have learnt from using Alamy, I'd love to hear.



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I think you are confused about the file size needed here. Although you submit the jpeg it is the size of the image before it is compressed into a jpeg that needs to be 17mb.



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Yes. I did read up on the size of file rather that the size of photos. So the photos from my holiday were around about the 6-12mb in size, and I knew from that they wouldn't accept them at that size. I'm now using the RAW image file which is approximately 30mb or more.


Thanks for pointing that out though. It can appear to be a little bit confusing if not read through thoroughly. 😄

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Hi, I am quite new here as well.

The size thing did throw me as well when I was investigating uploading - it really did not click until I opened a few jpegs in Photoshop and checked the size - much bigger than the files size if that makes sense.  A lot of people find it easier to think in pixel size - I cannot remember off the top of my head but images need to be a minimum of something like 3000 pixels on the edge.  Hopefully, someone will come in with the correct size.

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Thanks NYCat and Starsphinx.  I think I've got the wrong end of the stick. haha.  So this would mean the uncompressed file - the original RAW file - should be over 17mb, but once I've then converted that file into a JPEG format it would be less that 17mb but the correct amount of pixels of 3000.  :)


I'll get there I'm sure. ;)

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Alamy seems to be using the computer definition of Megabyte:  1,048,576 bytes   ( 2 to the 20th power bytes ).


Therefore, your image needs 17 times 1,048,576 or 17,825,792 bytes.  Photoshop shows the size of the image in MB as per the computer definition above.  So if Photoshop is showing 17 MB or greater you are good to go.


For a standard jpeg ( 8 bit color depth ), each pixel has 3 bytes of information -- one each for red, green and blue.  So you need a minimum of 17,825,792 / 3 or 5,941,931 pixels.  


Any combination of length and width that gives at least this meets the requirements.  For example, a 1.5:1 aspect ratio, the standard 35 mm format, with a 3000 pixel length on the long side would be 3000 x 2000 pixels or 6,000,000 total pixels.  A square format would require 2438 pixels on each side.  Alamy has no requirements for aspect ratio, so just look  at your pixel dimensions and make the multiplication.




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