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  1. Hello from Cardiff, South Wales!

    Hi all, I am a newbie from Cardiff and have recently started uploading images to Alamy after a friend recommended it. I am interested in landscape and outdoor photography. I will make sure to read the forums for any possible Q&A that I might have!!!
  2. Hello from SoCal, USA

    Hello world. I'm new here. I've been taking mostly nature shots since I started hiking the last 10 yrs or so, so I have lots of pix to upload. I only have a few up now but will continue to upload when I can. Any comments and critiques are welcome. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello from California!!

    Hello! I just started uploading photos and want to say Hi! I'm new here and would love and appreciate any tips or feedback. I have seen experienced members critiquing new members on their portfolios to help guide them accordingly. I am wondering if someone might critique mine and be so kind to direct me on the right path. I'll start reading the forums too, but if anyone has any words of wisdom, newbie mistakes to avoid, I'd love to hear it. Thank you so much!!!, Felicia
  4. Hi from Germany

    Hey people from everywhere, I'm excited to start trying Alamy and see how it goes! Started two days ago. Good to be here. Stone.html - Eloise
  5. Hello from Illinois!

    Hello! I just got accepted and want to say Hi! I'm brand new here and always appreciate any tips or feedback. I'll start reading the forums too, but if anyone has any words of wisdom, newbie mistakes to avoid, I'd love to hear it. Thanks in advance, Kim
  6. Hello from Cyprus

    Hi there, I have been keen on photography since a young lad (I'm now 71) and have worked in the entertainments industry. Over the last ten years I have written and published five books and am now looking to focus on having my photos accepted by Alamy. I hope to exchange a few words and make some good friends here. All the best to you all.
  7. Hi From Upstate NY

    Hi, I've just joined Alamy and I'm excited to become part of your community. I have over 30 years experience in Advertising, Video and Audio production and just recently started Photography again. I worked at Eastman Kodak for over 25 years in multiple roles and I am truly looking forward to enhancing my photography skills and learning from all of you! I absolutely love taking photos and using new techniques to make my images better! I'm hoping to sell some of my images on Alamy, not just for the monetary gain but more importantly for the validation and purpose it would provide me. I'm not very familiar with "Forums" so I may make some mistakes, ask some stupid questions, and hopefully you will bare with me as I learn more and more.
  8. Newbie From Yorkshire

    Hi, I signed up to Alamy last year, uploaded 3 images then forgot about them. I work in Construction as a Ground worker for Carillion who have recently gone into liquidation so I'll be made redundant in the next week, so thought I'd try & earn a bit of money in the mean time so here I am to try my luck. I'm a self taught photographer since 2003 & photograph a lot of police & fire incidents as well as anything newsworthy , events, landscapes , construction automotive, wildlife and anything else that comes my way.
  9. Newbie from DC

    Hello! I am a newbie to this site from the DMV area and I am extremely exited to find yet another avenue to see cool pics, sell stock photos and challenge my eye with the amazing views of others. I am not very active on the internet (although I should be) but I love historic sites and tourist places. I've lived in the DMV area for almost 30 years and I NEVER get tired of my daily view of the Washington Monument or drive around the Lincoln Memorial. I want to photograph it like it's my First time...EVERTIME I see it! Hope to learn, grow and share with others here!
  10. Hello Alamy world!

    Hi there, this is Giogionny! I'm really new to this kind of system, so I will probably ask many questions to all of you! Thank you so much for the opportunity to be here and for the advices you will be giving me! Have a great day!
  11. Newbie post - hello :)

    Hi everybody. I am Aleksandra living in Scotland. Wanted to give myself a bash in the Alamy business and see where this will lead. I love the Scottish landscape and my photos are mainly this. I have submitted a couple of images and still have to go through all my photos to choose the best ones. Happy to exchange ideas
  12. Keeping the interest going

    Hello to everyone on Alamy!! My name is Steve and I have had been interested and been an active participant in improving my photography for many years, at least since my teens. Photography as always been a major interest and the feedback and appreciation from other photographers as always been an inspiration therefore I hope to hear from as many of you soon and hope that together we can learn from each other and forge forward keeping our interest in photography going. Bye for now Steve .
  13. Questions about sales

    Dear fellow Alamy contributors! Please allow me to ask some basic questions regarding sales on Alamy. The questions stem from my experience on Alamy being quite limited. My search of this forum was not fruitful, hence my seeking enlightenment in a new post. 1. I have been fortunate enough to collect a few sales. More than half of them did not register as zooms. As was informed, not all sales are zoomed. Can someone please explain the mechanics of such sale? 2. How do I know who bought my photo? From some of the discussions I read on this forum I understood that some of you can tell who the buyer is. How? 3. How do I know if a sale is direct or if it is a distributor sale? And what is the significance of that? Many thanks in advance.
  14. "Hi Y'all" from Kentucky

    Greetings and Best Wishes from the Bluegrass State...home of great basketball, fast horses, beautiful women, world-renowned spirits, and the Colonel's Best (complete with eleven secret herbs and spices). Following a health-"inspired" early retirement, hoping to burn off excess energy by taking my camera into our beautiful countryside, mountains, waterways, cities and plains to get some pictures that others may find interesting or useful.
  15. Hi everyone, I joined Alamy a couple of months ago, and have now got 178 photos uploaded on here. I've very much an amateur rather than professional and I'm obviously not expecting huge sales through this site, but am a little concerned that so far I've only 411 views, and my CTR is 0. I've been careful with key wording, and have read around the forums for general advice, but I was wondering if anyone observed anything specific about my portfolio. I'm about to go on a 9 month trip around the world and plan to take a whole lot more photos! Can't wait Be great to get any views advice from anyone Thanks in advance, Andy My portfolio link is
  16. Hello!

    Hi everyone! I joined Alamy about a month ago but am just now checking out the forums. There's quite a bit of good advice here for newbies like me! I've been into photography since a young age, but I really only used it to help with my main passion, which is studying butterflies and moths (although I have since expanded to other nature-related subjects). While I have a very large collection of photos, I'm afraid not very many are "good enough" to pass QC -- I've only recently switched to RAW, and I started my Lightroom subscription last month. So I need to start building a better collection of photos with stock photography in mind. Looking forward to meeting you all! Happy shooting!
  17. New member from Norway

    Hi everyone! I'm a new member here, and a newbie in stock photos as well. But, I'm willing to learn from the best My test submission has passed, and I have captioned and keyworded them. But, how can I choose in which category they will pop up? I can't find that in the guidlines... Anyway, here I am
  18. Hello Everyone :D

    Hello everyone! After a (very) long hiatus, I've started taking photos seriously again and thought I would join this community. So, hi! I'm not really looking to make major bank on Alamy but it would be nice to pull in some money to go towards new kit. I feel very out of the loop!
  19. Greetings Everyone!

    Good morning (My time) to you all! I'm new to Alamy and this is my first experience selling my images on a grander scale. What a blessing it is to make money doing something I love. I look forward to meeting new people and learning as much as I can from you all! May you all have an amazing day and much peace and love to you all!
  20. Hello from the US Midwest!

    Hi everyone, just joined. Love this forum. Ann
  21. Hello from a sunny Southampton!

    Hi, I was recommended Alamy last year and have now tentatively stuck my toe in the water. I uploaded my 4 test images last Autumn and promptly did nothing for 6 months! Now trying to upload images and build up a stock that hopefully could bring in a little cash. I am not a photographer by profession, although I sometimes have to use my limited skills at work in a design and marketing studio. I've got over 9,000 photos on flickr, and I'm hoping that will make sorting out a few of the better ones for on here easier. I'm struggling with uploading at the moment though, I'm not finding it as straighforward as it appears! (How long does it usually take for a batch of uploaded photos to appear?) I'm into a lot of old stuff - cars and bicycles - and getting out on them on rides and road trips. Also a few air shows, and a few bits of local interest in and around Southampton. I'm not sure if there is any market for it all though! We will see ... Hopefully it will be worth the effort involved in uploading and tagging the images. Will be searching on here for tips to help with tagging photos, and what is worth uploading, permissions etc ... Mike.
  22. I'm fairly new to Alamy and was wondering how I could see all my images on Alamy. And if I have done anything wrong, because when I search for my pseudonym only 87 pictures come up when I have 300 for sale.
  23. Need advice

    Starting a new thread cause I have a ton of questions, and I will keep them all here. A couple years ago I ventured in to the stock area. Put 10 images with one of the smaller RF agencies. A year ago I put 4 images with Alamy, 2 RM, 2 RF, then decided to wait and consider further options and build a PF. I am happy to say I made my first RM sale a month ago, and now am ready to upload more to Alamy. So many of the questions will pertain to that. The 10 images all RF at the competitor have had around 10 sales, netting me $13 and change in 2 years. 1 RM Alamy sale with only 4 images uploaded, netted me $25 in 11 months. It's a no brainer. The last year or so I have built a nice PF and will start uploading today. First question, I have a lot of nice shots taken at a local car show for older cars. In view of auto industry trademark issues, can I upload these as RM editorial? A second question is what constitutes an altered image, and does Alamy accept work that is arted up a bit, if done well. TIA for all answers, and I will have more questions as I progess.
  24. Hello Everyone!

    Hello, my name is Bert Becerra, I am a photographer based in Panama and have been wit Alamy since 2006, but never enter the forum until today. Just wanted to say hello and start posting here a bit. Thank you,
  25. Hi, I started contributing last year and am about to start going through my hard drive pictures now to increase my portfolio, but I feel that I should be looking for more or less straight from camera shots (check focus, correct exposure and fix chromatic aberration only) rather than shots which have been given some punch. Am I right in thinking that I really shouldn't mess with my pictures before submitting? I like the (creative) results I put on Flckr for pleasure, but wouldn't dare put them on Alamy at full size for fear of rejection. Could some one flick (no pun intended) through my snaps here... ... then have a look on my Alamy (Mick Flynn) and make any suggestions as to what I should do when uploading to Alamy.