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  1. Hi, I hope someone can help me here, i have taken thousands of photographs over the last 40 years and am just very slowly starting to put them on Alamy. I really want to share my images with the world, started my love of photography seeing an image appear on paper in the developer tray many decades ago! ie 35mm printing my own b&w images. It would be nice to earn money from this but it isn't my number 1 goal in life re my art. I have always been careful never to take pictures of someone or someones property, if they didn't want me to, asking if it is ok at the time for instance, but i have taken pictures of things me and my family own, thinking we paid for it so is ok, for instance our 1980 landrover defender 90 on holiday after we'd given it a good clean, and people in public, for instance playing tennis at Wimbledon or on stage. Sorry this is long hoping someone can help me. Hope it's alright to word my question with the following words:- I have tens of thousands of photographs I'd like to upload to Alamy, obviously dont want to break any laws etc, i have pictures on a redbubble site, where, if I sell an image as a greetings card, for instance, i earn 60 pence, (nothing really -redbubble earn far more than me in reality & for years ive wondered if its worth selling my pictures this way, earn nowt & some of my pics not the best quality wise). So i am obviously leading to a question re a picture i love of my husbands landrover defender 90, which we had spent lots of money and time on, and taken pictures of on holiday, like many people i am sure have done, I see thousands of pictures on internet of peoples own cars in variety of settings. The only way to ask is to say what happened so again i say i dont wish to offend any company etc... I had an email from redbubble saying they had removed one of my images with a landrover in, due to copyright claim from jaguar landrover. There are many thousands of pictures of landrovers on redbubble, flikr.... the internet in general so i felt shock, like im being picked on by a big company (note, pic is of my husbands landrover defender 90 of many years ago in a pretty landscape, my husband said....thats my car before jaguar even owned landrover). Is it because the image was for sale on goods redbubble sells? In which case how come jaguar landrover haven't put a claim in on all the images on redbubble? Mine was in a landscape, not even the main subject. As i used it really for perspective, there are many of the same car (& other brands of cars) without any background whatsoever for sale on redbubble. Feel like deleting my redbubble account as dont make any money anyway & im too old for the stress, made only £8 in over 7 years in total for all my photographic images being sold as cards or pictures, so nothing really. I'm sure someone here will know what is isn't allowed. There are thousands of pictures of landrovers on the internet, am i allowed to put any of my photographs online as long as they aren't for sale? (though now im tempted to remove every picture, even if our landrover is a teeny part of the pic as i see it as landrover getting free advertising my saying how brilliant our car was in the hills but im starting to not like them, (hope im allowed to say how i feel, i am simply a "poor" artist). As you know without my copyright sign over images, anyone could print my pics if they wanted to. Thanks, greatly appreciate help from anyone who can help with this copyright question. (note these are photos taken by me of our car)
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