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  1. How to use the Graduated Filter for local adjustments
  2. Hi From Upstate NY

    Hi, I've just joined Alamy and I'm excited to become part of your community. I have over 30 years experience in Advertising, Video and Audio production and just recently started Photography again. I worked at Eastman Kodak for over 25 years in multiple roles and I am truly looking forward to enhancing my photography skills and learning from all of you! I absolutely love taking photos and using new techniques to make my images better! I'm hoping to sell some of my images on Alamy, not just for the monetary gain but more importantly for the validation and purpose it would provide me. I'm not very familiar with "Forums" so I may make some mistakes, ask some stupid questions, and hopefully you will bare with me as I learn more and more.
  3. Around Sussex, time lapses and drone footage (Phantom 4 Pro) in Southern England)
  4. How to shoot static timelapses

    Static timelapses.How to shoot them with examples on the field
  5. Lightroom Vibrance and Saturation

    Lightroom Vibrance and Saturation, all you need to know about managing color intensity
  6. Interesting - Copyright Video

    Not sure if this has already been put up and also not sure if the info is correct. However, it's food for thought. John
  7. Maybe a bit if an odd question here, considering Alamy announcing that they will no longer be taking video but... I have just this week put my laptop back to factory settings to get rid of a bug. Reuploading software I have been looking at the (mostly free) video editing software I have and realise it could be better. There is also the question of whether the downloads introduce new bugs. Does anyone have any experience with Vegas suite (formerly Sony)? Good? Recommended? Bargepole? My thanks. Richard
  8. I found this video poking around on Youtube. James has some interesting things to say. You can speed it up to get through it faster. Its a couple of year old but still relevant. Is surprising it hasn't had more views.
  9. Alamy, please post new 'Manage Images' general info - including your video - in a place contributors can find easily. (While I was taking tour of new Manage Images, I prematurely closed area with 'View Video' link. Now I have questions, but can't locate that video.) Your new Manage Images certainly looks promising. Thanks - Ann
  10. how to upload videos?

    Hi I am wondering how to upload my video footage to Alamy?
  11. Software for managing video clips

    Hi, I was reading the thread on submitting video and wondered what others are using for managing their own clip collections on their PC/Mac? I was happily using aperture (mac) to manage my clips but after its demise I have been at a bit of a loss. I tried Lightroom but found that I would have to convert most of my files for it to be able to let me see the clip contents. As I have literally thousands (SD) I did not want this - also converting increased the file size considerably but I suppose I am going to have to live with that. I also tried a library add-on for final cut but it just confused me (to be honest the way FCP handles libraries still confuses me) What do you use or would recommend for a simple user who want to catalogue about 2500 clips for own use. Thanks! Paul
  12. Hi there, New to Alamy but am a long-standing video journalist, filming news events in 4K quality. My question: Would it be possible to basically take a screenshot (ie. cut and crop a JPG from a .mov or .mp4 video) of any interesting 4K video footage and upload the resulting JPG to Alamy? Would there be any technical reason why this would not be possible (maybe in terms of size of image)? I have a Macbook Pro though no photo editing software at present - so would need some way to add IPTC data. Thank you.
  13. Niche Stock Idea: Video/Still same subjects

    (with my apologies to the The Smiths - Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before ...) I may have gotten a bit too snarky with somebody looking for gaps in the library in another discussion, but one idea that seems to have real promise is offering stills and limited video snippets as well of the exact same subject shot/filmed within minutes of another. In another stock photo niche I deal with that was a request (and it's broad enough I'm comfortable throwing out to the general public.) For this to work however a couple of things would need to happen. Alamy would need to relax the rules for video contribution, and also have a way to link the stills with the videos. Stock photography and video that matches one another in placement, subject matter and look would seem to be more valuable than the sum of its parts. As an example: and a video of the same scene here: You could imagine this kind of combo being useful where print and TV ads are both required. Or tradeshows, or webpages that use both video and static images etc. etc. I think it's best we try and find better paying niches as the market for the basic stock photo staples have seemed to collapse with supply far outweighing demand. Just an idea!
  14. Market for video?

    Just curious. Anyone here successfully selling video through Alamy? How is the market for video in general?
  16. For those who shoot both stills and video, what is your solution for a tripod head? I currently have two separate heads but hate carrying both. I have considered the Manfrotto MH055M8 photo video head but it has such mixed reviews and is a real heavyweight - does anyone use it?
  17. Why can't video clips be uploaded to Alamy via FTP as enabled by other major agencies? It's not acceptable to insist on submitting by post,especially when living on the other side of the world.
  18. I am trying to find info on submitting my b-roll footage for video stock sales. I see Alamy is now offering video footage and I would like to keep all video stock with the same agency I have my photography however I can't seem to find any info about uploading, requirements, etc... what am I missing? Thanks, jeff