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  1. Hi everyone, I know there have been a number of threads on mirrorless cameras recently, but here's a different angle that I haven't seen discussed yet. I'm looking to buy a second camera as an alternative to my Nikon FF system. I'm currently using an RX100 for that purpose, but I'm not terribly happy with it (slow response, annoying power zoom, harsh highlights, lack of dynamic range, inability to set aperture and then adjust exposure compensation without pushing lots of buttons, etc). Whatever I get, I'll probably be using the kit zoom that comes with it. I know I'm going against a trend here, but the idea isn't to replace my DSLR ;-) I don't mind lack of viewfinder/EVF (got used to that with the RX100) but do like the idea of a flip screen to save my knees when doing low angle shots and - perhaps - when using a tripod. Current favourite is Fuji X-M1 with the 16-50 kit. Excellent reviews, and great price here at the moment, but a bit bulky compared to the alternatives. Not sure it would fit into a laptop bag with its normal contents, for instance. Alternatives seem to be: 1. Sony A5000, A5010 or A6000. Smaller, and the cameras themselves sound very capable (I have read the recent threads about them) but is anyone using the kit zoom (16-50 f3.5-5.6) for Alamy? Reviews say that the image edges aren't that great, and if shooting in RAW (which I intend to), there's an awful lot of distortion, especially at the wide end - just the focal lengths I tend to use the most. In fact, the 16mm end sounds rather rough. How bad are these issues? Enough to be issues with Alamy QC? 2. Panasonic GM1 and 3. Olympus OM-D E-10 (though the latter is a bit pricey for my purpose, here). Anyone using these with kit lens for Alamy? Any advice? *Not really complaints - for a small camera it does a great job - these are just some issues I'm hoping to mitigate.
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