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Found 3 results

  1. I agree with this author. https://fstoppers.com/originals/just-because-it-was-hard-shoot-doesnt-make-it-good-photograph-157312 This author is reinventing the wheel, and has that common disease "Fear of Photoshop" https://fstoppers.com/bts/atlas-sun-most-complicated-photo-ive-ever-shot-157200
  2. How about tiered pricing? Might it not make sense to allow photographers or Alamy staff to set pricing. I understand that supply and demand might make even a really nice photo of a very popular subject sell for very little. But what about subjects for which there is virtually no competition? For example, I'd be interested in hiring a plane and getting aerial shots above my region. But I could spend $500. Based on previous experience I often see my photos sell for just a few dollars each. Sometimes sales are for "real money" but not that often. Also some contributors have unique niches. As such I have photos so far as I know nobody has of things that are quite relevant. I feel weird when I license those for cheap, I just checked and found a two year worldwide print and web license for $15 for example. Some ways I could imagine this working would be: Allow contributors to set a minimum price but keep other Alamy pricing otherwise the same- forcing the lowest paying news outlets and blogs to cough up a "reasonable" amount if they want a premium photo. Let contributors set pricing as a percentage of a base pricing scheme. I think that's the way my Photoshelter is setup. Simply start a new premium service like the opposite of Stockimo and have a new set of prices all-together Just an idea....
  3. Just checked in to see if I had sold any images lately and deligheted to see I had until I saw the value, less than $10 for a 5 year licence (that's $5 to me only of course) I have always refused to join iStock and the like, now it seems I find myself dealing with them; except they are called Alamy. The question I now ask myself is should I bother wwith Alamy any more? Hardly seems worth the bother of captioning and key-wording if this is the shape of things to come.
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