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Found 10 results

  1. Dear All, I currently have one star out of three as a QC rating. This is disgraceful, I let things worsen because I was busy with other projects and work and now I have to wait like 15 days every time Alamy reject a batch. I really regret let things rot this way, but this system is really punitive. After all I have over 5000 images uploaded and I am a valuable member of this community... Do you know what I have to do to improve my QC rating issue? Can I ask Alamy to have me start from scratch or something? Thanks for any reply!
  2. When I tried to do my first upload (when you create your account and Alamy asks you to upload 3 photos for quality control) my upload was failing so I tried to refresh my page. When this happened the page submitted no photos but blocked me from trying again. When I go to my Alamy Image Manager and try to upload, it says this: Thanks for submitting your stock photos. We're now processing your submission before review by our QC Team. You should have a result within 24 hours but can take longer during busy periods. Submissions can be tracked in your Alamy Image Manager. However, my Alamy Image Manager is empty since my upload failed... I'm not sure if this will make my account fail or get banned, etc.. Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. How can I upload Dropbox file or folder?
  4. Hi there I am new to Alamy and was wondering how long it takes for the 3 images test submission? I uploaded 3 images on the 15th May, but i have not heard from a reviewer with regards to my test submission. I just says thanks for submitting, we are proccessing now and once complete we will update your profile. Brad Elliott
  5. I've very stupidly doubled on two upload which are already in my portfolio. I need to delete two of them in the Image Manager, is it possible and how Many thanks for your time, much appreciated Pam
  6. I was trying to find information on uploading video content.
  7. RT3H07 Took a spaceflight on a klingon battle cruiser last week, the view of sunrise was spectacular.
  8. Hello Friends, I recently joined Alamy and I am wondering how this site works to sell the photos. I have posted about 170 pictures on this site. Over 100 have been optimized to goos discoverability and yet I do not see any views on my image manager. Is it too early to expect? I have been here only for 2 weeks. another question regarding QC. If I upload a batch for 30 pictures and if they find one bad picture they reject all which i feel is very odd and it is a waste of time to re upload them again. In that case will it make sense to upload pictures individually instead of a batch? thank you for your inputs, suggestions and advise.
  9. Anyone know when Alamy are closing/opening shop for QC over Christmas? BTW, Merry Xmas to all!
  10. Has anyone tried having multiple uploads to Alamy occuring at the same time from different browser windows? Is it possible? I seem to remember trying it and it not working but I am curious to know if anyone has managed it, either in the same browser or by using another one at the same time. Hope that makes sense. Might not speed things up much but would mean that you could get on and do other things rather than having to wait for a batch to upload.
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