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  1. There is an update coming for your Intel CPU based Windows computer that may affect performance. The update is reportedly coming on Tuesday. It would be nice if users could report here if they notice and difference with Lightroom, Photoshop, and any other editing programs after the update. Mac computers that have the December 6 update already have the fix. Read more here,
  2. A Lightroom CC / Camera raw update is available details here:
  3. I recently updated from LR4.4 to 6.5 and was disappointed to find it ran quite a bit more slowly. Especially when removing noise by adjusting sliders, there was a delay of 2-3 seconds before the 1:1 display updated. However, I've just updated from LR 6.5 to 6.6 and the speed has improved dramatically (now a fraction of a second to update 1:1 display when removing noise). I'm not sure if my previous install of 6.5 had a problem, but the latest is fine. There's a Youtube video about the speed improvement from CC 2015.5 to 2015.6 here. I've not found any issues with 6.6 yet.
  4. don't what's wrong or not?

    Hi, I new here. I have uploaded a batch of images, keyworded them all. Now only 22 images updated. 12 images got stuck and displaying a message that says "Images not on sale please keyword". images management page shows them as ready and waiting for search engine update. I am confused. is everything fine or something wrong on my side? Thanking you, SUMAN AC
  5. Do other members have issues, like me, with the Manage Images Interface? Specifically: • Thumbnails that are tiny, square and therefore distorted. I find it difficult to choose an image to double click if I need to do so. Even 96 thumbs occupy a small fraction of my monitor area. • The size of the keyword windows- disproportionate to the max number of characters allowed, thus I need to scroll though a set to see them all (in the Comprehensive window). Make Main smaller and Comprehensive larger. • Add an 'Import suggestions from Previous' button. In addition to the batching option. The current version certainly makes the keywording process more awkward and time consuming than it needs to be. Member Services implies that if there are enough like-minded contributors, maybe something will get done on this file. Cheers, Don
  6. New Blog

    Along with the 50 million milestone, there's a new blog - quite attractive, too - well done to the designers! EDIT: Now I've read a couple of the new posts, I'm very pleased to see some great new content in the blog, that should act in a very positive manner to both encourage buyers and to bring increased (new) traffic to the site - well done Alamy! A very positive move. FYI: the link to the blog in the main menu of the main site (top of page) has now moved from 'For Sellers' to 'About Us'. Form the main blog, you can then drill down to view specific categories. James' CEO blog BTW is now apparently aprt of 'Alamy's World'!
  7. Why no auto-update? Going to the App Store shows it already installed on my phone and you can't download the new version.
  8. Wanted to share my experience and caution...Adobe released an update for Lightroom 4. This update is supposed to change the version from 4.4 to 4.4.1 and is to provide additional raw support for new cameras as well as improve the cloning functionality. I tried to update Lightroom 4 and it disappeared. No more shortcuts. I went to the folder where Lightroom 4 resides and tried to launch the application. An error message indicated that a .dll file was missing. I rolled back my computer to reflect programs prior to the update. I rebooted the computer. Once complete, I tried to launch Lightroom - it could not find my image catalog. I tried to launch a backup of my image catalog and it could not launch it. I tried to create a new catalog and Lightroom could not do it. I tried to install Lightroom 4 again and got all the same results. I went to the Adobe website and downloaded the trial version of Lightroom 5. I had no issues installing the software and updating the Lightroom 4 catalog. Given the antics Adobe has been playing with relation to the software license, I'm a little disappointed here. I ended up having to upgrade to Lightroom 5 despite not wanting to. I wanted to pass along the heads up of what *might* happen if you try to apply this update. Cheers.