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  1. Just a heads up for anyone like myself that is using an older operating system and has a Photoshop cc package ... I am running the ancient Mountain Lion os on my Mac which is fine but is now too long in the tooth and I am now finding that Safari, for example, will not work on many sites ... but overall it still works fine so I haven't upgraded as of yet. I am now getting a countdown box on my Photoshop cc that informs me as of today, it will only work for another 24 days as there is no connection to Adobe for verification which is no surprise as it tries to use Safari for the verification process. I contacted Adobe on their chat line and spent a fruitless 30 minutes with a disinterested and unhelpful "advisor", the upshot being that Adobe and Apple have decided between them that older os will no longer be supported. In my case for the Mac os, Photoshop will no longer work on any os older than Mojave so it's a case of upgrade the os or get a new Mac if I wish to continue with Photoshop ! I am now in the process of backing up everything that I haven't backed up already and will attempt to upgrade in 2 stages, from Mountain Lion to high Sierra and from there to Mojave. The Apple website indicates that I should be able to upgrade my Mac, just, although I have also noted the advice that MDM kindly gave me in the sky replacement tool thread in that my system may not cope with it ... but I don't really have a choice unless I get an older Windows pc and install the Photoshop 4 that I have on disc ! The joy of being tied to a subscription and being at the mercy of big tech I guess but if anyone else is using an older os wether on Mac or Windows, be aware that you may lose Photoshop very soon if you are on the cc subscription ...
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