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  1. Another tree ID?

    Any ideas for the larger tree in front?
  2. Dead tree branch anomaly ID needed

    I need help correctly naming (i.e., identifying) the two "knots" or "burls" on this dead tree limb--though neither word is probably correct. Anyone? Many thanks. --Michael
  3. I'm only a few months into editing for stock, and frequently encounter something I have regarded as a problem, and try to correct. I shoot a lot of images against bright blue skies. Often, the tips of trees, where limbs and leaves tend to thin out, will end up being the blue of the sky, rather than their usual greens and browns. As I said, I've regarded this a a chromatic aberration (though technically it may not be that) and have tended to either "trim" the trees of the blue or, in thicker areas, use the clone stamp tool in PS to recolor the areas. For this, I'll generally zoom in to 2:1. But is it a problem? Haven't run into a discussion of it before. And if it is a problem (for Alamy QC, anyway), are there better methods of fixing it? Thanks, Michael
  4. Hey guys, So I've got this picture with a smart looking tree in the background. Taken in springtime in Austria. And I don't have the faintest idea what kind it is so I can keyword it!! Has anyone got any ideas what it is? Steve p.s. I took some closeups with my mobile but can't seem to add them here because they're not online. Leaves are oval shaped, but then taper to have pointy ends.
  5. In some woodland along the North Yorkshire Coast, I found wooden things that superficially look like bird boxes but are not. I would like to know what they are for, so I can make a meaningful caption. I will try to insert an image, but if I fail , please see M9MG27 or M9MG28. Thanks, Peter
  6. LA tree id

    Hi folks: Can anyone identify this tree for me please? I don't know if the bulbous end in folded leaves or a seed pod. And I am not having any luck upload an image, sorry. Photographed in Los Angeles. KW9A71 with thanks, kathy