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  1. While my camera is in for repairs I have been trying to make a decision on a monopod and head. I do not own a 'proper' usable tripod I shoot hand held all the time. After just a little over three months of running around with the 200-600 I have decided it is time to get some support for my arm and shoulder, which after 3hrs or so can no longer point and keep the camera steady to even get the bird in the frame; and for the shots at low shutter speeds. I was considering the Sirui P-326 with Manfrotto 502AH Pro Video Head. I know , I know it is for Video not stills so much, but this is me not wanting to get a gimble head, which I think for my purposes would be serious overkill and it is huge and heavy. Question: Any reason this type of head would not work on a Monopod or is a bad idea? What might work better. Why I am looking at this head is, I don't know for sure that I shall never buy a tripod and it would be very useful then if I did, and it is cheaper than some other options out there. I have seven weeks to wait for a quote on the repair of my A6600, and after I approve it only then will they get working on it, I should have it back in about 2-3 months. In the meantime I don't want to waste too much time, have paired the 200-600 with the A7III and would like to get going but this time walk around with a monopod. Also I have now replace the foot with a Kirk replacement foot so it is Arca Swiss compatible. I can be pretty impulsive and was ready to buy, thought I'd ask first. Appreciate any suggestions advice. Helen
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