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Found 8 results

  1. I have contributed to Alamy almost 10 years now and have well over 15,000 images online. I average a minimum of several image license sales every week of the year. I have been shooting professionally for over 30 years, using digital capture and Adobe Photoshop for almost 15 years, and have never had a digital image rejected for quality reasons by any other stock agent, including Getty, except by Alamy. In recent months I have experienced what I perceive to be inconsistencies in the Quality Control measures. After going years without a QC Failure, I have had two batches of images fail in recent months. The images were captured with a Canon EOS 1DX and Leica M9-P. In both cases I made (from the original files that Failed QC) beautiful 16x20” prints and sent them in to Alamy for further consideration. In both cases Alamy QC said the images were not up to their standards. I completely disagreed with their assessment, but to no avail. I am seriously considering pulling my images from Alamy. The amount of time spent properly preparing & submitting images against the increasingly low fees is not providing a very good return on investment. I am wondering if anyone else is having similar, inconsistent, problems with the quality-control group? Mark Weidman _______________________________ H. Mark Weidman Photography 24 Trailside Circle Salida, CO 81201-7011 USA Studio: 719-207-4713 Mobile: 719-221-5585 email: mark@weidmanphoto.com web: http://www.weidmanphoto.com/
  2. Hi. I would like to know if I can upload my travel photography as editorial as it has many people and buildings featured which would need releases (impossible to get on many occasions) if submitted as commercial? I'm wondering if travel publications source their images sometimes from editorial sections of stock sites like Alamy. I have hundreds of images that are dying to get out there! Thanks.
  3. Hi, During 2017 I submitted more images than any previous years. My demanding 'day job' came to an end late Nov 2016 and I found time to focus on photography and give stock another chance. How many images do you submit to Alamy each year? Have you increased or decreased the number you submit in recent years? Here are my numbers (approx): 2017: 3400 2016: 300 (All during December) 2015: 0 2014: 150 2013: 20 2012: 1800 2011: 1500 2010: 2400 (Just started, very keen and hopeful) Andy
  4. What are "super tags" and how can I add them to my photos? Rich
  5. Over the last couple of years I have been asked time and time again to help family, friends, and work to be the photographer at all kinds of events. As an amateur photographer I have volunteered my time and talents as a gift of love to those around me. Recently I purchased a new Canon T6s and have been traveling overseas with my students. After one of my trips, several of my co-workers recommended that I try to sell some of my photographs. That is how I discovered Alamy. I have been reading all the blog posts, but I still have a few questions. I am currently on my 5th submission (although the first three shouldn't count because I did not completely understand the QC process) and I really thought I had the requirements down. When I look at my images at full size (10+MB size, with 6000 x 4000 resolution) they look crystal clear. Unfortunately, I am still being rejected because my images are soft or lacking definition. I have read that images need to be at least 10MB or larger. My new T6s has a APS-C 22.3mm x 14.9mm sensor size, with 24 megapixel and gives great images. Is it possible my camera is not on the approved list (I have not been able to find a specific list, just lots of talk that there is or was a list)? What is the average number of submissions one makes before being accepted? Do you go through the same submission process for every picture you want to sell? I see many contributors have thousands of images, at 48 to 72 hours for each approval it could take a long time to get a large enough inventory to sell. Is there a faster way to submit once your initial photos pass inspection? I look forward to meeting some of you and seeing your work. Smiles ... Kristi
  6. My last uploads and approvals were back in February 2013, a long time ago I know, so I have decided to get back on the horse and started uploading again last month, but so far they are just sitting awaiting approval! has something changed in terms of the approval process? the blog states about a 24 hour wait, and last time here I was certainly not getting rejects. Could I be being penalised for my absence? Should I contact contributor relations? or just wait, Getty is quicker David
  7. Hi everybody, I am about to submit my first four submissions for approval, they look OK technically.Three of the images have people in them with no model release and the fourth is of the Hungarian parliament shot at dusk. My question is: do the initial submissions have to be totally bland ie suitable for commercial micro stock type or can they reflect the sort of editorial work that I wish to submit? Thanks Adrian
  8. Hi All, This is not to complain, but rather to better understand what is wrong with my approach to Alamy. I have started to upload back in 2012 and started to sell several shot (some for fod $$) that year. I got confident and increase uploading between 2012 and through the whole 2013. Here is what is frustrating me, the sales declined and became very sporadic, 1 every 2 months? Something like that. I did not get discouraged and keep uploading but now my last 2 batches are waiting for review since December 20something, so no way to speed up and contantly upload.... Am I cursed with Alamy, or my numbers are normal? The whole thing is very frustrating...to bad because I always believed in this agency.... Any tip is much appreciated! Cheers, V.
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