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Found 4 results

  1. I know that photos from sporting events sometimes have different requirements than other photos with people and/or property in them. Should my horse racing images (with jockeys) be RF/Editorial Only or Rights Managed? Any advice or info would be deeply appreciated.
  2. I am asking as I am recently getting into sports photography, and having few live news images (non-sports related) sold recently I thought I could join these two and start uploading some live news sports images. However, i have never seen an Alamy sport news image printed/published anywhere. It is all... Well... Other agencies Have you ever managed to sell a live news sport image via Alamy? Thanks.
  3. Playing cricket with no arms Sometimes in life, you just shouldn't have to justify discussing certain subjects because of where you are, but just to help enable this to survive....the pictures here are something else, no?
  4. I said I would show the results of my trying to shoot sport with a Fuji X-T1. As the samples from Sunday at the Powerboat GP below show good results are possible. However my hit rate was about 60-70% in focus(less when a black cloud came over and the light was low and flat) but with my Canon 1Ds3 I was getting more than 90%sharp. I probably have some better ones but these were the first I grabbed. I won't be choosing the X-T1 for fast moving sports and it seems my DSLR will not be redundant for a while yet. You can see the samples on my website M-dash.com It should be noted the the close up of boat 22 was shot with a manual focus Tamron SP 300mm f2.8 at around 10metres. It works well except it gives a lot of purple fringing on bright highlights, easily corrected |(in C1Pro). Could probably not use ooc jpegs for that reason. I am thinking it will be good for sports like cricket where reach rather than speed of focus is needed (I have matched 1.4x and 2x converters for it|). Focus peaking works well as you can watch the narrow band of focus move across the view! Just need to redicover my mf technique. I did post them here and then realised that this is a public forum and they were not watermarked!
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