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  1. I hope someone will be kind enough to respond and give some sincere, really honest opinion feeling about their A7III. I am selling a couple of Nikon bodies (D610, D7100) and the Nikkor 80-400mm all just to purchase the A7III. So much hype around this camera, getting sucked in. Not the first time I have switched from Nikon to Sony but do remember that after about a year and a half started to feel I had made a mistake buying the NEXs, I liked them, just never 'loved' them and started to find all kinds of reasons to not like them, flaws problems with slowish focusing, and in the images, colouring etc real or imagined, and then fell into a depression (real depression), feeling I had done wrong and betrayed the Nikons by giving them up so easily. Sold the Sonys and slowly bought back the Nikons which I love for image quality, fast focusing of the lenses I have on them and everything else basically, but not the size of the package or the noisy shutter. And the attention they draw, I am tired of being asked by people to pay for taking a photo of them when I travel, they see the cameras and ask for money up front. Question: Anyone who has or has had the A7III for a few months what do you like least about the images shot with it, artefacts, banding, moire, weird bokeh, doubling of the image edges strange or unexpected splotches of colour; these are some of the issues that have been kind of brought up on forums discussing this Sony. Anything that you feel your Canon, Nikon or other DSLR doesn't suffer with. This is really more for the pixel peeper I guess. Anything that makes you wish you had stuck with the heavier kit or almost wish you could move back to it? I only shoot for stock, but a pixel peeper nevertheless, and perhaps too picky. I will not at this point be looking at any of the G Master lenses either, just the kit lenses. Thanks in advance to any responders.
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