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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone. I have tried for the 6th time to get through the initial contributor QC. For some odd reason, all my images except one get rejected for soft or lacking definition. Of course, I have read the guidelines and checked the images again. The one image that got accepted was processed, saved, and uploaded the same way like all others. The only exception to the rule was an image that had soft definition and noise. The noise was there, no doubt. None of the images with soft or lacking definition were scaled up, low-res, and highest level quality JPeg saves. And they got accepted on other stock photo sites, as well. The images are far sharper than the QC guides examples, by the way. Can someone explain the reasons for the repeated rejection due to this issue, other than the image being soft? The accepted and all other images were shot using the same set of camera bodies and lenses. Canon 7D, Canon Rebel T, Sony a7 II. Thanks.
  2. I submitted below three pictures to Alamy and all three were rejected as they were "soft or lacking definition". Since these are shot in low light and are panoramic, getting all the edges sharp is not possible without upgrading your gear or the camera body itself. I submitted the same pictures to another stock image hosting company and they rejected it but the reasons were more understandable like 'Logo/Brand visible', 'Incorrect tagging, ' Intellectual property'. These comments can be worked up on and same images can be re-submitted. But how to you get the images to look sharper with non pro camera. I used Canon 70D and a Sigma lens. Does quality to Alamy mean only professional cameras and lenses? https://flic.kr/p/VrEsq5 (Please download for actual image quality) https://flic.kr/p/W2QbT4 (Please download for actual image quality) https://flic.kr/p/VM7e4G (Please download for actual image quality) Adding some more tech details. Camera - Canon 70D Lens - Sigma 17 - 55 Tripod used, image stabilizer turned off. Step 1 - Shot the images in RAW at ISO 100 -150, aperture 7.5, Shutter speed > 7 seconds Step 2 - Lightroom edit. Brought down the highlights, cropped a little and saved as jpg (that's it!) Step 3 - Import to photoshop to stitch them to create a panoramic view also ensured no details are lost Step 4 - Upload to Alamy and face rejection
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