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Found 2 results

  1. When I photograph something, I take anywhere from two to 10 shots of it. Especially if it’s something that moves, like an insect. Then I look at each one, often picking one for a horizontal, one for a vertical, and sometimes another one or two depending on the subject. Once these are developed and ready to upload, I go through the folder and delete everything I didn’t use. It keeps my folders tidy, and it saves me from having my HDs get too bloated. If I were a lot younger, I might save an occasional few for later uploading down the road for that subject to fit in the “new image” category. I have no interest in going back and developing old photos. I have enough trouble these days finding the time to develop the new. My back issues limit how long I can sit at my computer now. I used to have upload sizes of 20-30 images, these days they are more like 8-12. I could do more if I bulk developed, but that's not my style. So what do you do? Save everything that’s in focus with no glaring faults? Or only save what you've chosen to upload at this time? For myself, when I first got into stock, those early few years, I tended to save everything. No longer. Betty
  2. Looking to My Images today i noticed a behaviour that makes me think again to the relationship between CTR and similars. When i initially upload a batch of images which contains let's say 3-5 similars per subject i see a huge number of views for these images, let's say hundreds. I have these pictures foundable by "classroom Mali Africa" which initially returned 200-500 views/week for about 100 pictures. I guess that was probably because customers filters "New" so ALL my pictures of that topic were displayed in the search. At that stage 200-500 views/week for "classroom Mali Africa" were too much and in fact my CTR was affected and a few zooms and sales resulted. So, similars were badly affecting CTR but there was a benefit for me: at least 1 picture out 5 similars was the right one for customers and they bought some. Today, for the similar search i've let's say 30 Views (the ones more appreciated by customers) but these Views are only of the best performers with more chances of zooming so my CTR is higher. In the long run, similars not interesting for customers will disappear from searches so they'll not represent any issue at all. Let's sum.... similars generate customer curiosity if the topic is interesting, so not bad at all if viewed in this perspective right?
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