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  1. Link to images

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Alamy and am slowly feeling my way through the procedures. One thing I haven't been able to find an answer to is how to get a link to a specific image and/or a folder of images on Alamy. I would like to promote my images on social media and provide a link back to an image, or a folder of images on Alamy's site. I know you can provide a search bar to search your images, but I'm looking for a different solution. I appreciate your help. Cheers, Tim Anger
  2. More sharing options

    Hello Alamy team, I am wondering if there will be a plan in future to create an option to share galleries. Very often i would like to show certain images to certain people but it is not possible yet to select them only. Maybe something to consider ;). Regards, Mirco
  3. Over the past six to twelve months I've noticed an increased number of Alamy preview images used on the web. Most of these images aren't "shared" with a link back to Alamy but rather are watermarked comp images. Most often I've come across these on Facebook used in a totally innocuous manner.. but not always. Yesterday I decided to google two recently reported sales. I never did find a legitimate use but one is being used on a Malware site that spits out various errors when you click on the link. The second is on page called "Gay Boys" which used an unreleased photo of minor children who were protesting against gays.. Ironically, that one does eventually link back to Alamy. From a photographer's point of view, allowing unregistered access to comp images doesn't seem t be working out so well. I wonder if Alamy would consider limiting these 1300x948 comp images to registered users who are logged in. fD
  4. Twitter etiquette

    Can anyone tell me what the etiquette is for tweeting a stock or news picture to another tweeter, or company?