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Found 6 results

  1. Do I need a release to submit images of dogs? If so, would it be a model release or a property release?
  2. I have uploaded Model Release forms in the past but there doesn't seem to be a facility for this since my last upload. In the user guide (p21) an upload icon is shown but doesn't seem to be anywhere in the image details panels. Only link is to existing release forms in the "Assign Existing Release".
  3. Hey all, So it's a lovely autumn here in Lower Austria and the vineyards have gone lots of shades of yellow and red. I've taken a range of shots, from fairly wide-angle and zoomed out, through to very closeup. So my question is, when do I start filling out in the optional field that the photo has "property"? There are no buildings, cars, people etc. but the vineyard owners would be able to identify some of their land from the trees and lie of the land plus the location information I'm giving (i.e. the village). So I'm thinking marking the photos as "no property" if I couldn't identify where the location is myself, and with "property" if I could. What are your thoughts? Steve
  4. Hi I'm a new(ish) contributor. I thought I'd search Alamy to find out how high ranked my images were. To my surprise I find a photo of my house, with the 'details' bit saying 'Property: no' or similar. The image was available for all use, not just editorial. Looking further it appears that quite a few contributors simply choose 'no' when there's a property. What do people think? (I couldn't insert the image - wouldn't let me!)
  5. Is a model release necessary for a photo such as this containing a gloved hand? Or perhaps I should rather ask, would you set "Number of people in the image" to 1 or 0?
  6. Hi everyone. Could you please help me- I cannot find info on alamy whether I need to upload releases for my own paintings" photos? Thank you very much.
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