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Found 2 results

  1. Like other contributors, I've been stunned to see some of my RM images getting sold for microstock rates since January '21 -- multiple travel images from Puerto Vallarta going for 25 cents a piece (before income taxes of 30%, dear Alamy), which is not what I ever realized was possible when I signed up for the "Novel Use" scheme in 2016 (and by the way the American usage of "scheme" fits here). I'm not happy with the explanation Alamy has provided (how great it is that they can find all these extra ways to license our images outside of their existing model), and I'm really concerned I can't OPT OUT of it until next April?! After all, it's May 2021. I never saw rates this low until recently, and it sounds like the same for others in the forums. If Alamy recently allowed this new all-time low on RM images, I think we should not have to wait 11 months to opt out. If I wanted to sell microstock, I would not be primarily RM and exclusive with Alamy. Can Alamy please reconsider allowing these lowball rates on our images, or at least let us opt out before next April?
  2. 5 sales on this months statement for $9.16….. Country: United KingdomUsage: EditorialMedia: Magazine - print, digital and electronicPrint run: up to 500,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1 pageStart: 01 January 2018End: 01 January 2023Duration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover. Seriously? UK sale for magazine, all formats available inside or cover… is this a joke? My cut, for an image that could be placed on the cover of a UK magazine is approximately £3 ? how can Alamy justify this? Ive been a contributor since day one, but things are really getting bad. I know that the stock photo business (as I am used to) is in a tailspin, but I'm beginning to wonder whether to bother any more... sorry, all a bit negative, but surely they have to explain this? I have emialed them and will tell you what they say. Mark
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